23 September 2019 | Tennis NSW

1.@maccabitennis – a NSW tennis club who share a lot of content from their own club, as well as great images of tennis champions who are doing amazing things around the world. All of their details are in their bio which makes it nice and easy for people to find/contact them if they need!

2. @atpcup – a professional, clean account that has a mix of photo and video content. Their bio is clear and concise, great for their audience in understanding the basics of their product!


3.@bluewalltennis –  a raw and interesting profile that features all different types of posts, on and off court! Good use of hashtags and tagging other interested & related tennis account.

4.@getsettennis – full of fun and quirky videos, with tips and tricks and a whole lot of humour! Lots of engaging video content and short sharp captions.

5.@judymurray_ – lots of cool tutorial videos for coaches, sharing exciting photos and videos of Judy’s tennis life with a little glimpse into the off court life of the super star coach!