Project Ready Key Principles

Successful projects can take time to prepare and deliver. To get started, here are some key principles to consider, and you can engage with your local Tennis Development Officer for more in-depth guidance, prior to exploring grant and funding opportunities.



Prepare your project well in advance of grant funding programs being announced and open.

  • Identify & assess required projects
  • Align with relevant local, state and national plans
  • Understand the case for change focused on community benefit
  • Determine available funds and potential funding sources



Build relationships early on and develop them throughout the process.

  • Create partners who will support your project, i.e. your local council, schools, MP, local businesses and community groups etc.
  • Obtain landowner consent
  • Create a stakeholder engagement plan to bring your partners along the journey



Plan your project, gather information and determine what additional funding is required

  • Develop realistic timelines and milestones
  • Obtain quotes, consents, approvals and commitments
  • Communicate your progress across your local network and use this to promote your project further



Now that you’re project ready, keep your local Tennis Development Officer up to date and when steps 1-3 are complete request a letter of support from TNSW.

Projects where a detailed project plan has been completed and endorsed by key stakeholders, and relevant approvals have been sought, are far more likely to translate into strong grant applications with increased likelihood of success.

Engage your Tennis NSW local Tennis Development Officer regarding your project and you can also find many useful resources on the Tennis NSW Grants Toolkit