Meet the Team

Board Members

The Tennis SA Board is made up of ten members who oversee the operation of Tennis SA Staff and Committees. All members of the Tennis SA board come from different backgrounds to help make any decisions fair and beneficial to the tennis community in South Australia.

Kent Thiele
Philip Roberts
Vice President
Liz Campbell
Julie Day
Col Lawson
Joanna Lydeamore
Natalie Morley
Kerry Morrow
Roger Sanderson
Gary Stratford

Tennis SA Staff 

Telephone contact for all staff members is through Tennis SA Reception on (08) 7224 8100

Debbie Sterrey 
Tennis SA Chief Executive Officer and
Adelaide International General Manager
[email protected]
Rennaha Cavallaro
Executive and Event Support Officer
[email protected]
Operations and Venues 
Brett Hidson
Head of Operations and Venues
[email protected] 
Caitlin Magill
Operations Manager
[email protected]
Sarah Horgan
Venues and Functions Coordinator
[email protected]
Tammie Wightman
Business Support Officer
[email protected]
Lynton Franzi
Manager – Major Projects
[email protected]
Tournaments and Competitions 
Dylan Hicks
Head of Tournaments and Competitions
[email protected]
Luke Doughty
Competitions Lead
[email protected]
Luke Taylor
Competitions Coordinator
[email protected]
Emily Smith
Tournaments Lead
[email protected]
Vacant Tournaments Coordinator
Darren Sahb
Officiating Development and Policy Education Coordinator
[email protected]
Tennis Development 
Matthew Fitzgerald
Head of Tennis Development
[email protected]
Erin Haines
Regional Tennis Manager (Metro)
[email protected]
Shane Leathem
School Development Coordinator (Metro North)
[email protected]
Amelia Waters (currently on Maternity Leave) 
School Development Coordinator (Metro South)
[email protected]
Andrew Fitzgerald
Club Development Officer (Metro North)
[email protected]
Adrian Dezen
Club Development Officer (Metro South)
[email protected]
James Pick
Regional Tennis Manager (Country)
[email protected]
Troy McNeil
Regional Officer (Country East)
[email protected]
Giles Ellis
Regional Officer (Country North)
[email protected]
Hayley Allen
Regional Officer (Country South)
[email protected]
Vacant Regional Officer (Country West)
Warren Foote
Coach Development Manager
[email protected]
Amy Sneath
Program Pathway Officer
[email protected]
Marketing and Communications 
Bianca Marron
Head of Marketing and Communications
[email protected]
Breanna Hassam
Communications and Public Relations Lead
[email protected]
Stav Mylonopoulos
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
[email protected]