Meet the Team

Board Members

The Tennis SA Board is made up of nine members who over see the operation of Tennis SA Staff and Committees. All members of the Tennis SA board come from different backgrounds to help make any decisions fair and beneficial to the tennis community in South Australia.

Mr Kent Thiele – President
Mr Philip Roberts – Vice President

Mr Rick Baldock
Mr Neville Guthberlet
Mr Graeme Smart
Mr John MacKenzie
Mr Neville Messenger
Ms Natalie Morley
Mrs Kerry Morrow

Tennis SA Staff Members

Telephone contact for all staff members is through Tennis SA Reception on (08) 7224 8100

Steven Baldas
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Brett Hidson
General Manager – Venues and Government Relations
[email protected]

Lynton Franzi
Manager – Major Projects
[email protected]

Tammie Wightman
Administration Officer
[email protected]

Tournaments & Competitions

Ty Allen
Tournaments and Competitions Manager
[email protected]

Dylan Hicks
Competitions Coordinator
[email protected]

Breanna Hassam
Tournaments Coordinator
[email protected]

Darren Sahb
Officiating Development and Policy Education Coordinator
[email protected]

Leagues Coordinator
[email protected]


Matthew Fitzgerald
Participation Manager
[email protected]

Anne-Marie Handke
Participation Leader (South East, NETA, GDTA, Metro Lawn, Women’s Mid-Week Grasscourts, Saturday Morning Men’s Lawn)
ah[email protected]

Egon Loh
Participation Leader (Eyre Peninsula, Upper Northern &  Yorke, EDTA) and State Inclusion Coordinator
[email protected]

James Pick
Participation Leader (Hills Fleurieu, SDTA, Tennis Seniors)
[email protected]

Troy McNeil
Participation Leader (Lower Northern, River Murray, WDTA)
[email protected]

Amelia Waters
Schools Development Coordinator
[email protected]

Shane Leathem
Schools Development Coordinator
[email protected]

Marketing & Communications

Jenny Macpherson
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
[email protected]

Performance and Coaching

Milo Bradley
National Head Coach – SA
[email protected]

Sandon Stolle
National Academy Coach – SA
[email protected]

Andrew Waters
Talent Development Manager – SA
[email protected]

Warren Foote
Coach Development Manager – SA
[email protected]

Tom Mabon
National Academy SA Physical Performance Coach
[email protected]

Codie George
State Scholarship Coach
[email protected]

Thomas Perri
State Physical Performance Coach
[email protected]

World Tennis Challenge

David Hearne
General Manager
[email protected]