Welcome to our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan 

We are proud to present to you all our Tennis SA Strategic Plan 2021-2024. We would like to start by acknowledging the incredible tennis community that is the heartbeat of our sport in this state. To our clubs, associations, coaches, volunteers, players, and tennis fans we thank you for the amazing journey so far and for your contribution that has seen tennis thrive in the community. With the recent challenges of COVID-19, we have been privileged to see our community come together to keep players active and connected over the most trying of times.

We thank the South Australian Government, our local Councils and Government Departments, and Tennis Australia for their continued advocacy of tennis in SA. We believe our new strategy aligns closely with the priorities of the governing bodies, enabling continued growth in people participating and being active in our state.

Our purpose is to inspire everyone to enjoy life through tennis. We are committed to helping our tennis community thrive, and to provide ongoing support so our clubs and courts are open, accessible, and inclusive for all. Quite simply we want to help more people play more often.

We have five key strategic pillars we are focused on which we believe hold us in a great position to continue to grow:

With grassroots at the core of everything we do, the five focus areas above will allow our teams to assist our affiliates and stakeholders to deliver great tennis opportunities to more South Australians. We look forward to working with you all to deliver our new strategic direction and hope to see you all on court soon.


Inspiring everyone to enjoy life through tennis

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