13 February 2023 | Tennis SA


Recently celebrating their 100-year anniversary, the Broadview Tennis Club is strengthening their identity and legacy in the sport.

The club has increased the participation of female participants and has now added four more female only teams, adding to its competition with a total of 42% increase of female participants.

The Broadview Tennis Club creates the ideal club culture with its sponsored members draw nights which take place every Saturday night. This is with the continuous help of TDK Kitchens who sponsor the event every week. This is one example of the culture Broadview is creating with members taking part and interacting with each other.

The club has always maintained its status as a welcoming place to not only play tennis but to forge social connections. The Committee have always worked together through regular events and fundraising actives to continue the growth of the club and see it thrive in the future.  The Committee is working towards securing funding for a major facility upgrade.

The Broadview Tennis Club is the practice venue for the Adelaide International with high profile players coming in to use the facilities, the world no. 9 Holger Rune smashed the window of the clubhouse with his powerful serve!

Congratulations Broadview Tennis Club!

Snowtown Tennis Club is a small country club located in the Mid North. They have both junior and senior teams competing in the Broughton Tennis Association and have had significant success over the last few years with their A grade team winning back-to-back premierships in 2020 and 2021.

Being a small farming town, they pride themselves on their sense of community. They believe their juniors are the future for tennis in the region and have a focus on their development. The club has a strong sense of pride in seeing their juniors’ progress and transition into senior teams. This is a direct result of the dedicated coaches who encouraged them to excel and continue to have a passion for the game.

One of the clubs’ main achievements in the last 6 months has been preparing and submitting a grant application for the Office of Recreational, Sport and Racing. During this process the club committee members worked tirelessly obtaining letters of support and funding from the community to put toward their grant application. This major project includes the full restoration of the tennis and netball courts, with a new playing surface, fencing, lighting, and foundations. If successful, this project will create a more user-friendly facility that will encourage an even stronger community bond.

Congratulations Snowtown Tennis Club!



Damian McGee is the President of the Gawler and Districts Association and has only been in the role seven months. He has served on the committee and as a player for over 30 years and captained the association team as a junior.

Damian’s role allows him to lead the master plan and redevelopment of the venue as well as growing participation within the sport as well as trying to create new development opportunities through sponsorship.

Damian’s achievements in the role can be seen through the execution of the vision and goals set by the association and through the new sponsorship packages. A major achievement is the increase of tennis at the venue, which has seen participation grow from the previous year. The courts are used seven days a week, this was not the case in the last 12 months.

Giving back to the sport is Damian’s favourite part of being involved in tennis. He describes this as a humbling feeling, having been involved in the sport for several years.

“It is an amazing reward and great feeling you get by contributing to something important. A great feeling that comes with volunteering and making a difference,” He said.

Congratulations Damian!


Karlie Barclay has been the secretary of Snowtown tennis club since September 2020. She is involved in the club’s administrative tasks including minute taking, promoting events through social media, encouraging community involvement, setting up and maintaining the club’s ClubSpark website and any additional tasks that may arise. Karlie has been playing tennis in the club’s Senior A grade team for the past eight years.

Katrina Ebsary is currently the Team manager of two C grade teams which she organizes each week, liaising with other team managers and encouraging all players. Katrina is also the Secretary and Treasurer of the Broughton Tennis Association which sees her communicating with the association team’s committee and completing administrative tasks such as invoicing, minute taking and ordering trophies. Katrina has been playing for Snowtown TC for approximately 14 years and previous competed in the Broughton Tennis Association for Crystal Brook Tennis Club.

Both Karlie’s and Katrina’s main achievement whilst being involved in the club was being members of the team that won back-to-back premierships in 2020 and 2021.

Karlie and Katrina both share similar thoughts when it comes to volunteering for your local club. They both believe volunteering is rewarding and gives a sense of achievement. Living by the saying “many hands make light work” they recommend volunteering as it gives you a sense of belonging within your club. Whether you have been part of the club for many years or are a brand-new member, you will always be welcomed, rewarded, and involved in the club’s growth.

Congratulations Karlie and Katrina!