11 November 2022 | Tennis SA


Napperby Tennis and Community Club are doing all the right things when it comes to promoting tennis within their community and building up their club. They have recently applied and been successful for the 2022-23 volunteer grant which supports volunteers in their day-to-day activities and help promote volunteering to others. The club has plans to also apply for the 2022-23 Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing’s infrastructure grant to improve their facility, making it more user friendly for volunteers and members.

Additionally, the club recently resurfaced and painted 2 of their 5 courts and installed LED lighting which has promoted night tennis. The club has a social competition run weekly during the season as well as having teams entered into the Port Pirie and District Tennis Association.  Gavin, the clubs Secretary, is also looking to apply for the Community Play program to help support and promote tennis to younger children.

The club is actively promoting tennis via social media, local community radio and working with schools. This has proven to be effective as their current membership numbers have increased in the last 6-12 months. The club has also recently adopted digital media platforms including a Facebook page, a ClubSpark website and signing up for Tennis Design Hub.

Lastly, the club also takes initiative by running weekly and monthly fundraising events for their members and the public. The events are promoted through their facebook page and proceeds are used to support the club, particularly with funds going towards key projects.

Congratulations Napperby Tennis and Community Club!


Tennis Seniors SA (TSSA) has notched up its 50th anniversary this year which will culminate in a cocktail party at its Greenhill Road headquarters on December 10.

It follows on from a carnival tennis day they held in October which attracted around 60 members from as far as the Barossa and Murray Bridge who were keen to soak up the atmosphere and celebrate a fun, social day of tennis.

TSSA President Ian Delbridge is anticipating a great response to next month’s event which will offer paella, a grazing table, cocktails and bar facilities.

It caps off an incredible year for TSSA who are a vibrant committee and are always looking for new members to come and join their weekly social/open court sessions or ‘30+ Seniors’ category competitions.

In addition, there are a large number of tournaments and carnivals played across Australia throughout the year. Everybody is welcome.

TSSA is located at the South Park Tennis Seniors and Hockey Centre, 188 Greenhill Road, Unley and comprises 18 carpeted (synthetic) tennis courts.

For further information, please visit the website at:

Congratulations Tennis Seniors SA!



Gavin Sequeira is the Secretary of the Napperby Tennis & Community Club. He has been a member and volunteer for the last 2 years and has recently taken over the Secretary position. In his short time as Secretary, he has taken up the roles of, minute taker at general and committee meetings, keeping an update record of club memberships and distributing all communications to members. Gavin has also taken a lead role in promoting the club by building relationships with the community and expanding the club’s membership base to ensure the long-term sustainability of the club.

Although an overall club achievement, the past 6 – 12 months have shown growth in the club’s energy with new committee members bringing in new ideas and inspiration. Membership numbers have grown and with the club becoming more digitally enabled due to Gavin’s persistence, social events such as their weekly and monthly fundraisers have gained traction amongst the community. Gavin has already brought so much to the committee having a constant presence on Facebook promoting events and the club.

Although only being a part of the club in a lead role for a short time, Gavin says his favourite part about volunteering is being involved and an active member of the Napperby Tennis club. “Tennis is a great sport and I’ve played it since I was a teenager. I love the fact that I can lend a hand and use my experience both in tennis and in business to help the club advance its mission. It paves the way for others to enjoy the sport and all the facilities that the club offers and keeps the community strong and vibrant.”

Gavin’s best advice for joining a club as a volunteer is “Just do it. You choose the level of service you want to offer and how much time you can afford. Your club will always welcome a new volunteer and your help will be making a massive positive difference in the community in which you live. Looking back, you’ll always be glad you volunteered at your local club/association. “ 

Congratulations Gavin!

Colonel Light West Tennis Club and Tennis Seniors SA stalwart Ian Delbridge has given selflessly to tennis in both a playing and administrative capacity for well over 50 years.

Ian is a life member at the Colonel Light West TC where he has been a member since 1964 (58 years). He’s had a strong involvement at the Club in that time as a player, administrator and volunteer. He continues to play Saturday afternoon tennis in the Combined Association Mixed Doubles Competition and has set a club record having amassed an impressive 800 senior summer club matches in that time.

Further, Ian has been a member of Tennis Seniors SA since he became eligible in 1994 (qualifying age was 40 back then). He immediately became involved in senior activities including competitions and social events, as a competitor, organiser and volunteer.

At Tennis Seniors SA, Ian has been President for the past year; a further example of the commitment and dedication Ian has shown towards his administrative capacities displayed over many years.

One of Ian’s major skills has been his amazing ability to network and mix with others; a trait he continues to enjoy to this day and has kept him involved for so long.

“There’s a real thrill you get from playing a sport that everyone enjoys and in terms of making it (the participation) a great experience for them,” he said.

“The thing I most enjoy are the rewards you get from being involved (both on and off the court) which is terrific, and others also really appreciate the effort you put into it too which makes it all that much more worthwhile.”

As Ian heads into semi-retirement, he is looking to expand his interest in the sport via Court Supervision during Junior/Senior Tournaments. So, there’s no doubt you will continue to see Ian’s name at the forefront in tennis circles for many years to come.

Congratulations Ian!