13 October 2022 | Tennis SA




Trinity Gardens Tennis Club has made tremendous efforts in marketing the club lately, with the committee all working together to grow the club and see it thrive. They have recently undergone a total rebrand of their club identity in an effort to reach a new audience.

The club continues to focus on redeveloping their facilities, with a lighting upgrade and court repair freshly completed. They have recently entered new commercial arrangements with local businesses which feed back into the shared club values. Trinity Gardens Tennis Club are currently managing new sponsorship agreements and prioritizing proactive relationships with the council which has helped support growth at the club.

Congratulations Trinity Gardens Tennis Club!



Mallala Tennis Club is a small rural cub located 50 minutes from Adelaide CBD. The club is proud to provide tennis opportunities for all ages and skill levels through competitions and coaching. Being a regional club, Mallala has limited access to qualified coaches, so they deliver a volunteer run Community Play Tennis Hot Shots program. They have very healthy participant numbers, with roughly 24 red ball players (5-8 years) regularly turning up to coaching each week.

The club’s president, Brooke, continues to work closely with the rest of the committee to build tennis in the region and to give juniors a positive first experience. Recently, Brooke organized a Come and Try Day with the local primary school, which saw most students giving tennis a go for the very first time. This was a huge initiative to promote the upcoming season and to promote tennis throughout the district.

Another key area the club has worked hard to improve upon has been building up their competition player numbers. The club competes in two different associations, with the seniors competing in the Gawler Districts Tennis Association and the juniors in the Lower North Tennis Association. This season, they have 5 junior teams which has significantly increased over the last two years from one team. The club also recently reintroduced senior competition after not having a team for 10 years.

Overall, the Mallala tennis club is taking great steps to build a family friendly atmosphere that encourages the entire community to give tennis a try.

Congratulations Mallala Tennis Club!




Brooke Griffiths played in the Mallala senior tennis team before it ceased for 10 years back in 2010. She became heavily involved in the club once her children were old enough to start playing, with her journey starting with delivering the Tennis Hot Shots program in 2019 before becoming the Club President in 2020.

Brooke feels that her role as president has focused on building the numbers and interest of tennis players in the community. The club has gradually built up numbers, and has brought an interest back into the district, which the committee hopes will continue to thrive for years to come. The committee has also grown substantially in this time allowing more people to chip in and be involved in the club’s growth.

Brooke’s key achievement since becoming President consists of:

– Bringing Tennis Hot Shots to the community and allowing young children to have the opportunity to hold a racquet and experience tennis.

– Building the number of junior tennis players, going from one team to now having a division 1, division 2 and three Division 3 teams (all with 4 players in each) for the 2022/2023 season.

– Getting senior tennis back up and running for Mallala in the Gawler Districts Tennis Association after a 10-year hiatus.

Brooke’s favourite aspect of volunteering is giving children the opportunity to experience and enjoy something she has always loved being involved in. The huge smile on the kids’ faces when they hit the ball over the net or are able to serve the ball when they don’t expect to, is easily the thing she loves the most.

Brooke would absolutely recommend being involved and helping out in any club.

“It is such an awesome feeling when you can watch all the kids and adults having fun, laughing and just genuinely enjoying each other’s company while playing or watching a sport that they love”, Brooke says.

Congratulations Brooke!


David Kubler has been involved in Trinity Gardens Tennis Club for 6 years, 4 of which he has been on the committee where he currently resides as Secretary.

David’s duties span further than the role of Secretary, with his passion for the club evident in his role of reestablishing the club’s identity as a family friendly place to come and hang out as one of his key priorities.

Working with the president and committee of the club to maintain and build club culture and develop sponsorship partner relations is also one of David’s many responsibilities. Through his efforts to establish solid connections with council, the club has recently received upgrades to their facilities, with court repair, repainting and lights replacement some mentionable advancements.

David would recommend volunteering at your local club, describing it as a great opportunity to provide input and see results come from your efforts.

“[It’s] great to feel a part of your community, and important to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to play sport and hang out” says David.

Congratulations David!