15 November 2021 | Tennis SA

The Ken McGregor Fund (KMF) has recently reviewed and updated its Charter. This review occurs annually and is supported by the Tennis SA Board. This year’s review has led to the redevelopment of the KMF Charter and reflects the impact of COVID-19 on the activities of Tennis SA and its player development programs.


The Ken McGregor Fund (KMF) has three purposes:

  1. To support the development of South Australia’s emerging tennis players
  2. To provide the necessary resources to support pathways to continue our proud tennis tradition and
  3. To support and provide tennis opportunities for people with a disability.


The KMF distributes funds to assist junior and immediate post junior player development at an international standard and to achieve improved playing outcomes for players with a disability.

Ken McGregor made an outstanding contribution to tennis. McGregor was part of the endless array of gifted Australian players gathered together by the renowned Australian Davis Cup Captain, Harry Hopman. McGregor won nine major championships, seven of those coming in doubles. They were all won between 1950 and 1952 as an amateur before becoming a professional tennis player in 1953.

One outcome of this year’s annual review is that the KMF is no longer accepting applications for funding from individual players. Instead, the KMF, with the support of the Tennis SA Board, has recently agreed that our priority is to support a range of Tennis SA and Tennis Australia initiatives in South Australia to which funding has been recently been reduced due to the impact of COVID-19.

This year the KMF has already defrayed the costs of Tennis SA state teams travel to Queensland for underage National Championships and has also committed to contributing to reducing the costs of players representing SA through our Foundation Cup teams interstate travel in November.


The KMF is currently exploring other ways in which it can sustainably support player development across the state in both country and metropolitan areas.

The KMF looks forward to continuing its support for South Australia’s elite players and players with a disability through our renewed Charter.

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