11 September 2021 | Tennis SA

Some of the best juniors from around Australia are set to hit the Playford Tennis Centre from today for the first of two ITF World Tennis Tour Junior tournaments being hosted in South Australia.

Tennis SA and Tennis Australia, in conjunction with Playford Tennis Centre and TennisGear, will host the South Australian Junior Internationals from Saturday 11 to Friday 24 September 2021.

The two ITF World Tennis Tour Junior Grade 5 events will see around 120 18-and-under players visit Adelaide during the two week period.

South Australia’s Edward Winter and Charlotte Kempenaers-Pocz will be the top ranked players in their respective draws as action kicks off today.

“We are pleased to be hosting two ITF World Tennis Tour Junior tournaments in South Australia this month,” said Tournament Director, Emily Smith.

“These events offer a wonderful opportunity for our up-and-coming junior players to gain further experience.

“We are pleased to welcome the players and their families to Adelaide.”

South Australian Junior International #1
Player acceptance lists as at 11 September 2021


ITF rank First name Last name Nationality
147 Edward Winter AUS
620 Hayden Jones AUS
718 Zachary Viiala AUS
795 Pavle Marinkov AUS
1209 Alexander Despoja AUS
1306 Henry Lamchinniah AUS
1527 Hayden Vo AUS
1738 Connor Gibson AUS
1907 Jonas Hahn AUS
2144 Doni Gashi AUS
2144 Hugh Winter AUS
2282 Dhruv Verma AUS
2597 Patrick Findlay AUS
Hamish Bartos AUS
Oliver Hadley AUS
Brendan Jayaprakash AUS
William Clifford AUS
Jay Fairclough AUS
Christian Salmeron AUS
Henry De Keulenaer AUS
Sushanka Budala Shridhara IND
Pratham Pathak IND
Azat Safiullin RUS
Juan Alberto Beltran Buitrago COL
[WC] Noah Coghlan AUS
[WC] Jake Dembo AUS
[WC] Brendan Loh AUS
[WC] Marko Mrdak AUS


ITF rank First name Last name Nationality
161 Charlotte Kempenaers-Pocz AUS
936 Elim Yan AUS
986 Jessie Culley AUS
1112 Mia Tsoukalas AUS
1311 Tianyu Dong AUS
1591 Madison Schwarz AUS
2299 Chloe Schwarz AUS
2677 Rhea Makesar AUS
2875 Vyomaa Bhaskar IND
3025 Georgia Plunkett AUS
Kate Brzostek AUS
Caitlin Baker AUS
D’Estree Colalancia AUS
Yelena Kelleher AUS
Emerson Jones AUS
Diana Badalyan AUS
Anna Stewart AUS
Kristina Tai AUS
Kalina-May Stefanov AUS
Emily Briggs AUS
Alice Kubler AUS
Kristanna Gjomakaj AUS
Jia Shah AUS
Taylah Lessue AUS
[WC} Lily Fairclough AUS
[WC} Andrea Kristo AUS
[WC} Sukhi Venkatesh AUS
[WC} Sarah Mildren AUS

 Please note: lists are  subject to change


The South Australian Junior Internationals will take place at the Playford Tennis Centre, Elizabeth East, South Australia from Saturday 11 to Friday 24 September 2021.

The events will be held in accordance with SA Health guidelines to ensure the health and safety of the players, staff and community.

The ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors is a series of international junior tennis tournaments open worldwide to successful national standard competitors. The circuit gives players the opportunity to compete against the best players from other nations. It also provides experience of international competitions, as a junior player transitions into a career in professional tennis.

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