1 December 2020 | Tennis SA

The Direction for Public Activities has been updated by South Australian State Coordinator, Commissioner Stevens (available here) and is now in effect.

We are pleased that this updated Direction sees tennis activities resume, but we also must ensure that we don’t become complacent.

Summary of South Australian Public Activities COVID-19 Direction (30 November 2020)

  • Sport (including sports training), fitness and recreation activities are defined public activities and can now recommence
  • Indoor public meetings are permitted (subject to density requirements and physical distancing)
  • All activities are subject to the density requirement (outdoor: one person per 2 square metres, indoor: one person per 4 square metres) and physical distancing principle (1.5 metres between people)
  • The total number of people taking part in a defined public activity at a place must not exceed:
    • Outdoor – One person per 2 square metres
    • Indoor – One person per 4 square metres
  • Onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages is permitted at a place:
    • Patrons at an indoor place must be seated while consuming food and beverages
    • Snack or hand held food or alcoholic beverages can be consumed standing outdoors while attending sport, fitness or recreation activities
    • No communal food or beverage service areas (such as buffets, salad bars or communal water/beverage dispensers)
  • COVID-Safe plan must be in place for the venue
  • The approved contact tracing system (COVID-SAfe Check-In) must be enabled at the venue
  • Persons entering the venue must sign in using COVID-SAfe Check-In
  • COVID Marshal in attendance at any times of expected high patronage, including times of planned activities

The above is a summary only, for full details please click here.

COVID-Safe plans and COVID-SAfe Check-In

  • All venues must have a completed COVID Safe Plan and have an approved contact tracing system enabled
  • A new COVID Safe Plan will be provided from Monday 30 November, including poster with a unique QR code
  • The poster should be printed and displayed in a prominent location at the venue
  • All people entering the venue must upload their relevant contact details to the approved contact tracing system
  • A paper recording log template is available as a back-up (available here)
  • Where there are multiple user groups at the one venue e.g. a recreation centre, it is the responsibility of the owner of the venue or the person with care, control and management of the venue to enable the contract tracing process to take place.

Clubs must have a COVID Marshal in attendance at any times of expected high patronage, including times of planned activities. This person can be participating in other duties if less than 200 people are reasonably expected to be present at the venue.

Community Tennis Guidelines and Competition Regulations

Our Community Tennis Guidelines and Competition Regulations have now been updated (available here).

Key recommendations include:

  • Only people core to playing should attend tennis activities such as players, participants, coaches and operational personnel
  • Arrive and leave as close as possible to when you need to be there (please get in, play, get out)
  • Only one parent/guardian should accompany younger children where possible.

Tennis SA administered competitions

The following Tennis SA administered competitions will recommence on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 December.

  • State League
  • Metro League
  • Junior State League
  • Green Ball Junior State League
  • SDTA Seniors and Juniors
  • NETA Juniors
  • EDTA Juniors
  • EDTA/NETA Combined

We look forward to seeing you all back on court this week.

Update in regards to COVID-SAfe Check-In for children
3 December 2020

In regards to COVID-SAfe Check-In for children, we have received the following clarification:

Children who are with their parents/guardian are not required to check in. In this scenario, the parent checks in and if required, the contact tracers will follow up and ask the appropriate questions to ascertain if children were also present.

If a parent does not accompany the child, the child needs to sign in manually using the paper recording log (available here). This paper recording log needs to be kept for 28 days and a new form should be used every day. A coach can record this information if required.