22 October 2020 | Tennis SA

The Murraylands STARCLUB program, together with fellow STARCLUB regions have teamed up with Sports Community to provide regional sporting clubs and associations access to another Club Support Webinar Series. The series will provide groups with a great opportunity to access some fantastic training sessions, all for free.

The series will feature 5 webinars, covering 5 key topics of relevance for regional sporting clubs & associations. Groups are encouraged to register multiple volunteers in one, or all of sessions.


Session 1 – Tuesday 27 October 2020 at 7.00pm

Unlocking the power of strategic planning at your club


Session 2 – Monday 16 November 2020 at 7.00pm

Grants & fundraising in a COVID environment


Session 3 – Tuesday 8 December 2020 at 7.00pm

Attracting and retaining volunteers at your club


Session 4 – Monday 15 February 2021 at 7.00pm

What can go wrong??? How to make sure things don’t go wrong at your club


Session 5 – Monday 15 March 2021 at 7.00pm

Making sure we always have enough players & participants