27 June 2019 | Tennis SA

Late last year the Hon Corey Wingard, Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing announced “I am committed to completing a Women in Sport survey on an annual basis – the results of which will set the direction for the Marshall Government’s future investment in women’s sport”

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is working with the Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science (UniSA) to explore the experience of sport participation.  Whilst the survey has a focus on women’s experience in team sports, all participants and all sports are of interest and they are seeking your feedback regarding gender equity.

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing are seeking responses from both males and females and will be investigating where their views converge and where they differ.  The survey has been designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Understand the perceptions and experiences of sport participants in South Australia;
  • Understand the needs of female sport participants and non-participants to improve equity and increase satisfaction with the participation experience;
  • Understand the attitudes and perceptions of State Sport Organisations and their progress towards gender equity;

This research will inform the future direction and investment decisions of the SA Government and will support The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing strategy and business planning with respect to women in sport.

We encourage you to complete the online Survey which should take 5 -10 minutes to complete.  All responses are anonymous and will remain confidential.


The survey will be open for 4 weeks and closes Monday 15 July 2019.