25 June 2019 | Tennis SA

A role model Grand Slam champion in Ash Barty, one million tennis participants and record numbers in fan engagement – it is an exciting time for Tennis in Australia and we have big plans to continue to grow the game.

Our new strategy for tennis aims to partner with clubs, schools, competitions and coaches in a more meaningful way, supporting delivery of playing opportunities that will ensure our great game thrives for generations to come.

Local communities are at the heart of the new focus, with the establishment of geographic territories across the nation allowing the development of more meaningful partnerships with tennis clubs and coaches.

This means South Australia will be divided into two regions – Metro and Country.

To achieve this we are expanding our workforce across the country.

Firstly, we will be creating two new senior leadership roles – Regional Tennis Managers – to lead teams responsible for growing tennis in both these Metro and Country regions.

The number of Participation Leaders will also grow, with those roles to become known as Club Development Officers. There will also be an increase in School Development Coordinators, creating consistency in club and school servicing ratios.

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