5 May 2019 | Tennis SA

The Pizzey Cup, the 2019 School Sport Australia Tennis Championships kicks off today with 115 athletes from across the country descending on Adelaide, South Australia for the prestigious event from 4 to 11 May, 2019

Tennis Australia in conjunction with School Sport Australia and School Sport South Australia are joining forces to bring the tournament for kids aged 18 and under to life after the tournament first began in 1963.

The tournament will see athletes compete in both team and singles events across two venues; the Seaside Tennis Club and the West Lakes Tennis Club.

The Pizzey Cup has an impressive history, with former greats such as Wally Masur, Ann and Liz Minter, Jenny Byrne, Simon Youl, Mark Woodforde, John Frawley, Richard Fromberg, Patrick Rafter, Sam Stosur and Casey Dellacqua representing their respective states.

As well as an opportunity to take part in consistent and quality match play, the athletes will also get the chance to take part in an educational workshop delivered by Indra Reinpuu – Olympic and World Championship Coach (Barefoot Leadership).

Quick facts

  • Zac Larke (Qld) and Lexie Weir (WA) are the top ranked male and female players respectively in the event according to their current Australian Rankings
  • New South Wales took home the Bruce Cup in 2018 for the tenth consecutive year
  • The Pizzey Cup was donated by the Rt. Hon. Jack Charles Allan Pizzey to encourage an interstate school tennis competition between Queensland and New South Wales
  • New South Wales won the first event held in 1963
  • The Pizzey Cup became a national competition in 1978
  • South Australia has won the Pizzey Cup once (in 1986)
  • The Pizzey Cup has a long and proud tradition with many of Australia’s finest tennis players beginning their international careers at this event

For a full list of past winners click here

Team SA

Stefan Bianchet, Mercedes College
Lachlan Brain, Sacred Heart College
Kristo Daminato, Pulteney Grammar School
Connor Gibson, St Paul’s College
Terry Karahalios, Henley High School
Noah Koeroessy, Marryatville High School
Luke Mascione, Muirden Senior College
Connor Wallin, Henley High School

Jasmine Adams, Woodcroft College
Cydney Crumbie, Brighton Secondary College
Ebony Harper, Westiminster College
Tully Richter, Nazareth Catholic College
Hayley Riessen, Heathfield High School
Chloe Schwarz, St Michael’s College
Madison Schwarz, St Michael’s College
Mia Tsoukalas, Immanuel College

Pizzey Cup 2019

Boys 18/u

Seed Player State
1 Zac Larke Queensland
2 Stefan Bianchet South Australia
3 Ethan Dunn Western Australia
4 Pedro Papangelis New South Wales
5 James Mccabe New South Wales
6 Luka Brown Western Australia
7 Micheal Zhang New South Wales
8 Ethan Farlie Queensland
9 Reuben Giorgio Western Australia
10 Lachlan Brain South Australia
11 Ryan Wang Queensland
12 Noah John Koeroessy South Australia
13 Oscar Giorgio Western Australia
14 Ethan Cook Western Australia
15 Kristo Daminato South Australia
16 Luca Katsamakis Western Australia

 Girls 18/u

Seed Player State
1 Lexie Weir Western Australia
2 Grace Schumacher New South Wales
3 Laia Pasini New South Wales
4 Jaime Edwards Western Australia
5 Pearl Jansz Victoria
6 Jasmine Adams South Australia
7 Tully Richter South Australia
8 Eloise Swarbrick Victoria
9 Ruby Fraser Queensland
10 Luna Jokanovic Western Australia
11 Natasha Lystrup Camer-Pesci Western Australia
12 Ashley Allman New South Wales
13 Ashleigh Simes Australian Capital Territory
14 Charlotte Ingram Tasmania
15 Kiana Mokhtari Victoria
16 Olivia Quigley Victoria