30 July 2018 | Tennis SA

Yesterday Tennis SA hosted their annual Club Development Conference, which was attended by impressive 91 guests!

This breaks down to;

  • 68 x Club members
  • 6 x TSA Board Members
  • 17 x TSA Staff members
  • Representing 30 x Metro Assoc/clubs
  • and 8 x Regional Asso/clubs.

At the conference the following topics were presented;

How to attract the “Sponsorship Dollar” – understanding who your members are and how to write a winning proposal.

Welcoming and Inclusive Club Environment – how clubs initially engage with potential members with some clubs sharing some of their experiences.

Sharing Club Best Practice – the importance of strong Club to Coach to Club relationship and creative ideas to get funds to improve club facilities.

Attracting and engaging players and the community – overview on providing easier access to courts, the strategy behind increasing competitive and social play, plus the committee members of Henley South Tennis Club shared some experiences of how they have achieved this.

Retention of Players – we explored the links and pathways from schools to clubs thanks to special comments by Jason Todd.

The staff of Tennis SA would like to thank everyone who attended, and particularly those who were open to sharing their ideas. By working together, we can help address concerns and obstacles that many tennis clubs are challenged with, and ultimately improve the game of tennis for everyone.

We look forward to seeing what ideas and positives outcomes these clubs are able to achieve as a result!