9 August 2017 | Tennis SA

South Australian’s love tennis and there are over 300 tennis clubs across the state, however only one of these clubs is taking advantage of all the benefits of fundraising through the Australian Sports Foundation.

The Australian Sports Foundation offers a fundraising platform with the unique purpose of enabling donors to claim a tax deduction on donations made to sporting projects! In the last 30 years they have helped sport raise more than $320 million.

Registering with the Australian Sports Foundation means that you can fundraise for anything your tennis club may need: facility upgrades, new equipment, participation and training programs or tournament travel expenses – anything that will help to develop sport.

Here’s two tennis club examples of how the Australian Sports Foundation have assisted with fundraising;

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
Based in Melbourne, Kooyong Tennis Club registered with the Sports Foundation in 2002 for an ongoing fundraising program for junior scholarships and their museum.  One our most successful tennis clubs, Kooyong raise on average $90,000 each year. Kooyong utilise the ‘add on’ feature when members pay their annual subscription giving them the option to add on a tax deductible donation to their payment.

American River Progress Association
A small community on Kangaroo Island needed $23,000 to refurbish their tennis courts. Because the community was small (population of less than 300) the project fundraising committee knew the importance of engaging the whole community with their fundraising efforts.

The committee used EDMs (emails) to communicate with the community and offered Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze support levels so that everyone had the opportunity to help and feel they supported this vital community project regardless of how much they could contribute.

To start fundraising for your Tennis Club, get in touch with the Australian Sports Foundation today at [email protected] or call 02 6214 7868.