21 March 2017 | Tennis SA

Last Friday night, Tennis SA hosted the Tennis SA Junior Award Presentations and the inaugural Tennis SA Junior State League Grand Final.

Two players stood out from their peers to win the Junior State League Player of the Year award. Nikki Milner from Goodwood was awarded the Female Player of the Year and Sam Sanderson from Coromandel Valley was awarded the Male Player of the Year.

At the conclusion of the presentation, players hit the court for the national anthem before commencing play.

In the Girl’s Competition, Goodwood had all the pressure on them as their opponents had nothing to lose based on past results. Goodwood were without there number two player Evana Bowell and would hope this wouldn’t affect the team. Goodwood’s number one Nikki Milner hit the court first against second placed player of the year Heidi Evans. Milner showed why she had won the title of player of the year putting on a dominant display beating Evans 6-0.

Goodwood’s Marit Gillam and Erica Williams also put on similar performances to their team mate winning at number two and four 6-1.

Happy Valley’s Ebony Harper was the last single remaining at number three and had everything left on her shoulders to keep the match alive. Harper grinded it out against a tough opponent in Nicola Pavlic winning 6-4. Unfortunately Harper was unable to win by a big enough margin awarding Goodwood the win as Happy Valley would not be able to catch Goodwood on games.

In the spirit of the game both teams went out and competed in the doubles with both results going in the favor of Goodwood and officially declaring them the Inaugural winners of Junior State League for 2016/17.

In the Boy’s Competition Coromandel Valley had a big out in number one Olley Douglas. With Coromandel Valley having three potential number ones they believed they would be able to cover his absence.

Sean Van Rensburg moved into position one facing Trinity Gardens number one Jared Waterman. Waterman started well but allowed Van Rensburg to get back in the game giving him that mental edge which allowed him to take the first rubber 6-2.

Also in similar fashion Trinity Gardens started well at number two and three but were unable to keep it going as Coromandel Valley’s Sam Sanderson and Patrick Douglas both won their singles respectively 6-2.

Coromandel Valley’s Luke Mascione came out at number four, hoping he would be able to get the win for his team and awarding his team as the champions without having to see the doubles. Mascione played at the top of his game but Luka Ilic from Trinity Gardens also came to play wanting to keep the opportunity alive for his team to win. In what saw a huge battle it came down to the very end with Ilic winning 7-6.

Trinity would only be able to win if they won both doubles 6-0. Coromandel Valley’s pairing of Van Rensburg and Sanderson didn’t allow this winning against Waterman and Zac Nurton in the top doubles 6-3. Trinity didn’t give up throughout the whole night still winning the bottom doubles 6-4.

Coromandel Valley were officially presented with the inaugural Junior State league trophy with large grins on each of the team member’s faces.

Tennis SA would like to thank all clubs, players and volunteers that participated in the first official season of Junior State League. We wish you luck over the winter and hope to see you back next season.

Junior Award Presentations and Junior State League Grand Final – Photos

Junior State League Results

Boys:  Coromandel Valley 4-4-34 defeats 2-2-22 Trinity Titans

Girls:  Goodwood 5-5-34 defeats 1-1-10 Happy Valley