10/u Green Ball Winter State League


The 10/U Green Ball State League will be delivered on a Saturday morning, over an ten week season.

The purpose of this offering is to provide a competition product which encourages Adelaide’s best 9-10 year old players to compete against each other in a team based competition whilst still using the green ball.

Key Information
  • 2 players per team
  • Saturday Mornings at 8:30am
  • Separate boys and girls competitions
  • Home and Away venues
  • 25 minute timed matches
  • First to 4 games (normal tiebreak at 3 games all)
  • Players keep playing games and sets until the time is up
  • A double, single and reverse single will be played
Key Competencies

As a guideline for participation in Green Ball State League, players should be able to perform the following green ball key competencies. If unsure, please speak to your child’s private coach to assess whether Green Ball State League is the appropriate competition for the player’s stage of development.

  • Differentiate speed and spin on first and second serves
  • Rally crosscourt for 10–15 shots varying height over the net, depth, speed and spin
  • Use approach, drive volley, volley and overhead in an offensive way
  • Keep great posture and maintain balance from a wide, narrow, and one-legged base
  • Display independence; pack their own bag for matches and practice, and complete a regular warm-up routine and practice regularly without the coach
2020 Key Dates
  • Online nominations open: Wed, 13 May
  • Online nominations close: Sun, 31 May
  • Start of season: Sat, 13 June
  • Byes: Sat, 11 July
  • End of regular season: Sat, 22 August
  • Finals two week series: Sat, 29 August and 5 September
Team Nomination 
  • A Tennis Club affiliated with Tennis SA may nominate a team to compete within the 10/U Green Ball State League Competition
  • Nominations shall be submitted online via League Manager
  • The Nomination will require a nominating club to name in Order of Merit the players which it proposes to play in its team
  • A player nominated by a club in the Order of Merit must play a minimum of four matches
  • Team Fee’s for the 10/U Green Ball State League competition will be $75 (inc GST) per team. Clubs will receive an invoice once teams are final
  • Online Team Nomination Instructions
Other Information

Tennis SA 10/U Green Ball State League Coordinator
Luke Doughty
[email protected]
ph: 08 7224 8141