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Business Opportunity

Placed: 23 November, 2018


Tennis Palmerston is a 7 court tennis complex in one of Australia’s fastest growing cities https://www.palmerston.nt.gov.au/

Just 20 minutes from the Darwin CBD the Tennis Palmerston facility is being offered for lease by Tennis NT, the peak body for Tennis in the NT. There is currently no club committee, as such an agreement will be made directly with Tennis NT.

With a fast growing population, a monopoly as the only managed tennis facility within the municipality, a facility with limited gardening or maintenance requirements, a fully installed book a court system and the active support and advice of Tennis NT this opportunity is unprecedented and unlimited by our boundless possible Territory https://boundlesspossible.nt.gov.au/.

As a business opportunity Tennis NT is looking for an enthusiastic, business minded entrepreneur with experience in the Tennis industry. The business model developed would be required to reflect the six pillars of Tennis NT’s strategic plan https://www.tennis.com.au/nt/files/2017/10/Tennis-NT-Strategic-Plan-2016-2020.pdf

Expressions of interest (one page cover letter plus current CV) in this unique opportunity can be forwarded to [email protected]. A lease agreement will be forwarded to suitable candidates.


Employment Status

Tennis Palmerston Full-time