POP Tennis

What is POP Tennis?
POP Tennis is the closest complementary format to tennis played on a smaller court with a lower compression tennis ball that allows for longer rallies and more fun.

How is POP Tennis played?
POP Tennis is played on smaller courts and can be played indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces, often using temporary lines and nets. It is a great starter sport for all ages as it uses lower compression balls, solid paddles and can played in a wide variety of settings.

It’s scored and played the same as tennis however you only get one underarm serve.

History of POP Tennis
POP Tennis was developed in 1898 in the US and nearly two million Americans tried it. Its most iconic footprint is along Venice Beach in California. 

POP Tennis in Australia
In Australia, we have seen clubs and community groups increasingly integrate POP Tennis within their facilities to better use their space and attract new participants. It is also growing amongst teens who are looking for an easier and more accessible alternative to tennis.

Where can I play?
POP Tennis can be played on indoor or outdoor courts, including on a regular tennis court. POP Tennis uses a smaller portable net and drop down lines to create the court space.

Its ability to be played on multiple surfaces and be set-up ‘anywhere, any-time, for anyone’ is driving interest from many coaches, clubs and councils around Australia.