Athlete Development Matrix

What is it?

The Athlete Development Matrix provides a framework and competencies for everyone involved in delivering the game of tennis at all levels. The matrix is based on empirically and scientifically relevant information that indicates when certain competencies may be best developed. It looks to develop the individual by covering eight areas that focus on both tennis-specific and personal attributes.

The tennis-specific components are:

  • technical
  • tactical
  • physical
  • psychological.

These are combined with the personal attributes:

  • social
  • parental
  • educative
  • competitive.

These eight components of development have been chosen to holistically guide the development of our athletes. These eight components accompany the six stages of the Athlete Development Matrix.

The six stages of the Athlete Development Matrix

There are six distinct stages in the Athlete Development Matrix. They are:

  • Explore (4–7 years)
  • Development (7–10 years)
  • Encourage (10–12 years)
  • Enhance (12–15 years)
  • Cultivate (15–17 years)
  • Performance (17+ years)

How does the matrix work?

The matrix has been designed to guide you in understanding the key skills to be developed at the different stages and to assist you in creating a pathway of development for your children/athletes. In particular, the Athlete Development Matrix will help:

  • make tennis enjoyable for the participant
  • create a pathway of development
  • foster the development of great people who play this great game
  • recruit and retain athletes within your programs
  • implement appropriate activities for the appropriate skills and age levels
  • understand a child’s development in relation to their skills.

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