Inclusion & Diversity

Find out about playing opportunities for players of differing abilities or backgrounds at a tennis club near you.

Wheelchair players, Australian Open, 2014. JAIMI CHISHOLM
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Deaf & Hard of Hearing
A hearing-impaired player enjoys a Hot Shots session on court at Australian Open 2014. JAIMI CHISHOLM
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Intellectual Impairment
Damian Phillips, Archie Graham, Mitchell James and Joshua Holloway at Pat Rafter Arena.
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Visually Impaired
Tennis, Melbourne Park. GEORGINA LEEDER
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Coach Greg Crump passes on some tips to wheelchair tennis player Sarah Calati; TENNIS AUSTRALIA
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club tennis
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AO Community Grants
Tennis Australia Camp visits Batchelor, NT
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We aim to break down barriers and create environments where every person with feels confident to pick up a racquet and have a go no matter what their ability. After all, small changes in attitude on a community level can lead to huge steps in social attitudes all over the world.

How we can help

  • Provide opportunities for people of all abilities to be involved and participate in tennis, including sensory, physical, psychological and intellectual impairments
  • Make available a variety of tennis playing options at all levels from a recreational to competitive level, from local to elite international standards
  • Provide advice, information, guidance, support and resources for all clubs and communities that want to become inclusive to players of differing abilities
  • Promote tennis for people of all abilities in all areas of the community
  • Provide access to opportunities aligned to those offered to able body tennis players
  • Encourage tennis clubs and associations to undertake or to be involved in inclusive programs for people of all abilities
  • Provide greater support to encourage people of all abilities to take on roles across the whole of the sport, including as players, coaches, administrators and officials


> Officiating and volunteers
> Administrators


> Best ways to communicate
> Appropriate terminology


> Parents and carers
> Tennis players


> Coaching tennis
> Modify activities for players with a disability (TREE)

Here you can find out what programs Tennis Australia has for:
> Indigenous players
> Multicultural (CALD) groups

Got a question?

If you would like to┬álearn more about tennis for players of differing abilities, please contact [email protected].