For all its individuality, tennis can be a remarkably social game. Contesting a game of doubles, playing in a team at club level, joining a group tennis lesson or Cardio Tennis workout, bringing a plate of food to a social tennis competition, or heading away with a group of friends for an Easter tournament – a long-running Australian tradition – are all ways in which tennis can bring people together.

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The flow-on effects from this are obvious – it helps you make new friends, expand your social circles, meet like-minded people, and build networks. And there are some less-obvious but equally significant benefits to this. Social support can be an important factor in the management of stress. If you play tennis primarily as a form of exercise, doing so as part of a team or group means you’re more likely to commit to that exercise and  develop a routine, therefore enjoying the maximum benefits it provides.

Teamwork is essential

In doubles, the necessary strategies and communication involved is great for building teamwork skills. Plus, there are several opportunities to provide encouragement to your partner and enjoy the support they offer to you, which is a whole extra element to hitting tennis balls.

Spread the benefits

When you play tennis you are also giving someone else the opportunity to have a hit, which research shows can be just as satisfying as playing. And with tennis clubs in most suburbs and towns throughout Australia, it’s easy to get connected with a club – and your local community – and start enjoying the social benefits that tennis can provide.