Rules and Scoring

The rules of tennis

Here you can learn all about:

  • The rules of tennis
  • Dress and equipment regulations
  • Etiquette and rules for non-umpired matches
  • Correcting errors

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10-and-under tennis rules

All 10-and-under competitions are required to use low-compression balls and smaller courts – find out how these rules affect you.

> Rules for 10-and-under tennis competitions



Games, sets, tiebreaks, advantage sets, tiebreak sets – there’s a lot to know when it comes to scoring.

> Learn how to keep score in a tennis match



Follow these simple rules to ensure everyone enjoys the match.

> Tennis etiquette


Regulations and Code of Behaviour

Read the regulations and code of behavior for junior and adult tournaments.

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Not sure what moonball, hacker or kick serve have to do with tennis? Better check our glossary.

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