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Tennis Australia Coach Premium

The Tennis Australia Coach Premium App is an easy-to-use tool packed with tennis activities for kids (Hot Shots Tennis) and adults (Cardio Tennis) exclusive to Tennis Australia Coach Members.  

The App has been updated to reflect the changes and updates which have been made to the new look programs as well as additional pieces to support coaches including:

  • Local Area Marketing tips for promoting
  • Hot Shots Tennis and Cardio Tennis
  • Access to marketing assets such as logos, brandguidelines and editable posters and brochures
  • Tips on delivering tennis to kids and adults
  • Case Studies highlighting how coaches are successfully delivering national programs including how match play in integrated into Hot Shots Tennis programs from around Australia
  • TA Coaching Pathway including a live course and workshop schedule. 

 Once downloaded coaches also have access to a Content Management System (CMS) which provides coaches access to a desktop version of TA Coach Premium content. This feature allows coaches to build and share content from their computer and mirrors the content within their App.

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page-photoTechnique App Screens

Tennis Australia Technique App

Tennis Australia Technique App is designed for the coach, teacher, parent and player to assist in technique development.

Major features include:

• Professional player footage to be used to compare when analysing or as a visual learning for players (this is a Tennis Australia coach member benefit only)

•  Record your players strokes in HD

•  Compare your players to reference strokes:

    – Side by side
    – Overlay
    – Set synchronisation point for comparison

•  Analyse your players strokes using the annotation tools to highlight your analysis. Draw lines, measure angles, insert text and shapes, record voice over and take screen shots

•  Time Delay – Use this function in your sessions to delay the action by 5–30 secs so players can view themselves and get immediate feedback

•  Learn mode – model strokes for all stages (Red, Orange, Green and Yellow level) for all strokes in video and images

•  Manage your files – rename, trim, split, delete, save to the cloud and the camera roll

•  Communicate your analysis via email, Youtube, DropBox and Camera Roll

•  Speedometer – measure the speed of your players shots

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