Our commitment to safeguarding children

Download a copy of our commitment to safeguarding children here.

Reporting & Assistance

Please contact your Member Protection Information Officer or the Tennis Australia Integrity & Compliance team via¬†[email protected].

You can also access the confidential 24-hour telephone reporting and assistance service offered by STOPLINE by calling: 1800 11 SAFE (1800 117 233).

Or raise a complaint online here.


For Clubs & Associations
First steps clubs
Information to help clubs create A Safer Game Plan to safeguard children on and off the court.
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For Coaches
First steps coaches
Information to help coaches create A Safer Game Plan to safeguard children on and off the court.
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For Parents
What tennis is doing
Information to help make tennis a safer environment for your child.
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For Children and Young People
Resources for children and young people to learn more.
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Additional resources
Do you know the 5 steps to protect children
Information for the wider tennis community to help create a safer environment for children.
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Video resources
Videos that highlight how safeguarding children applies in many different scenarios.
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Member Protection Policy
The Member Protection Policy is in place to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone who participates in Australian tennis.
Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct
The Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct has been developed to provide clear guidance to all Personnel in relation to the treatment of children within tennis.
Code of Behaviour
The Code of Behaviour outlines the expected behaviours for everyone participating in or attending a Tournament in Australia including parents.