What is Padel?
Padel is a sport played on an enclosed court which allows the ball to be bounced off the walls of the enclosure with the tennis scoring system – a mix of tennis and squash.

How is Padel played?
Padel is played in doubles and is easy to learn making it great for social players. The rules are similar to tennis except the walls are part of the game and you serve underhand.

Padel is played within an enclosed structure made of glass walls, steel posts, and wire mesh panelling. It is played with a shorter racquet and low compression ball. Its simple rules and smaller court make it a great option for beginners.

The professional side of Padel is growing fast with Padel debuting at the recent European Games in Poland. There is an ambition for Padel to become an Olympic sport in the future, with two major international tours now offering millions in prizemoney.

History of Padel
Invented in Mexico, Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe. It’s played with special paddles on what is best described as a blended squash and tennis court.

There are over 50 national Padel federations and an estimated 25 million active Padel players worldwide.

Padel in Australia
The number of courts, clubs and players is on the rise in Australia with governing responsibilities now delivered through Padel Australia.

Where can I play?
Visit to find a club near you and book today.

There are several tournaments available for entry in Australia throughout the year. A snapshot of what is coming up is available on