Super 10s

How do I get involved?

Super 10s is an exciting, team based competition for boys and girls who are born between 2013 to 2016.

For season dates to the 2024 Super 10s season and who to contact for more information please refer to the state based links below.

To be eligible for Super 10s selection you may need to attend the Challenge Day held in your local league environment. Please take note that any player selected to play in Super 10s will be asked to pay a fee for the season.

Super 10s Leagues

> Australian Capital Territory

> Northern Territory

> South Australia

> Western Australia

> Tasmania

> New South Wales

> Queensland

> Victoria

Why Super 10s?

This competition will facilitate for 10/u athletes a culture of fair play, team work and acknowledgement.

Super 10s will:

  • develop competitors through regular, well organised, high quality and fair competition.
  • promote teamwork among athletes, teams and families.
  • encourage an engaging environment for players and parents.
  • educate parents, coaches and players on the development pathways and appropriate training volume to become a national level player.

How does the Super 10s work?

The Super 10s Series is made up of boys and girls teams. Each team will include at least four players and there will be a list of reserves in case a fill-in player is required.

Players will play one singles and one doubles match. All matches are timed.

As per ITF guidelines, players will use a Dunlop green ball (75 per cent compression of a yellow ball). From 1 January 2012, 10/u competitions worldwide are encouraged to use low-compression balls to aid player development.

More than a trophy

Players can win more than just silverware as part of the Super 10s Series.

Once in a lifetime experiences are on offer, with players who are in their final year of Super 10s having the opportunity to participate in the National Super 10s Camp at the Australian Open – for AO 2025 this is 2014 birth year. Other rewards include the chance to toss the coin at Australian Open, participate in on-court demonstrations at the Australian Open, behind the scenes tours and professional player opportunities as well as the chance to receive an invitation to a Tennis Australia Talent Development Camps.

Providing regular feedback and insight to parents, athletes and coaches will be our Talent Operation Managers.

Something for parents

There will be parent workshops run by Tennis Australia’s Talent team that will cover various topics throughout the season.