My First Club – Nicole Bradtke
Nicole Bradtke; Getty Images
23 September, 2013

Australian Fed Cup coach Nicole Bradtke takes us back to her first club, the Beaumaris Lawn Tennis Club. Read Nicole's story in the October BODY issue of Australian Tennis…
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Tennis etiquette
Sloane Stephens (R) shakes hands with Mandy Minella after winning their 2013 US Open first round match; Getty Images
16 September, 2013

Tennis can be tricky; here's a look at the etiquette of the game. For more to help you understand tennis, grab a copy of the October BODY issue of Australian Tennis Magazine.
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My First Club: Peter Luczak
Peter Luczak: My First Club
4 September, 2013

Former Aussie pro Peter Luczak took us on a trip down memory lane at Wellington Tennis Club, the place where he picked up a racquet for the first time.
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A powerful new era for Australian Tennis Magazine
The cover of the September
27 August, 2013

Adding oomph to your game and tips to beat better players are topics covered in the all-new Australian Tennis Magazine “power” issue, which is now on sale.
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My first club: Peter Luczak
Peter Luczak
19 August, 2013

In this teaser video, Peter Luczak takes us back to Wellington Tennis Club, the place where he picked up a racquet for the first time.
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How to play like you train
Roger Federer; Getty Images
13 July, 2013

Players saying “if I could only play like I train” is very common for a sport psychologist to hear. Here's how you can adapt your level in training to the match court.
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Learn to play the big points best
Novak Djokovic in action during the 2013 French Open at Roland Garros in Paris, France; Getty Images
11 July, 2013

Often the only thing which separates evenly-matched opponents is how well they play on important points. Play these better, and you'll most likely win.
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How to cope with cramp
David Ferrer collapses with cramp on the way to a three-set defeat at the hands of Andy Murray during the Sony Open final in Key Biscayne, Florida; Getty Images
9 July, 2013

Cramping is a common problem for players at every level - find out what causes it, and what you can do to treat and even prevent it.
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How to visualise your victory
Maria Sharapova is notable for her visualisation ritual, narrow focus and employment of positive triggers in between points when competing; Getty Images
6 July, 2013

Visualising exactly how you want to play a shot or see a match unfold instils belief, reduces anxiety and focuses concentration, aiding your on-court performance.
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Cool-down techniques for tennis
Anne Keothavong of Great Britain stretches during the Argentina and Great Britain Fed Cup tie in April 2013; Getty Images
4 July, 2013

Cooling down lowers the heart rate as well as reducing muscle soreness and tightness, removing waste products from muscles and preventing blood pooling.
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