Roger Federer, Roland Garros, 2013, Paris. GETTY IMAGES
Three tips to improve your mental game
8 June, 2013

You've practiced your strokes, worked on your footwork and formulated a strategy, but how about your mental game? Here's three tips to whip your brain into shape.
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David Ferrer of Spain deploys a kick-serve at the 2013 French Open in Paris, France; Getty Images
How to hit a fierce kick serve
6 June, 2013

Learning a good kick serve - where the ball bounces typically around shoulder or head height - makes it difficult for your opponent to return the ball well.
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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga with coach Roger Rasheed (R) during a practice session ahead of the 2013 Australian Open at Melbourne Park; Getty Images
Roger Rasheed: coach to the stars
5 June, 2013

Having coached Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to the semifinals of the 2013 French Open, Australian Tennis Magazine chats with Roger Rasheed about the keys to his success.
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GRASS - PRONE SWISH BALL HIP EXTENSION: 1) Lay face down on a stability ball with hips on the crest of the ball; 2) Arms stay in a slightly flexed position (depending on ball height); 3) Lift legs up and extend hips until the back is in a straight position, then return to the start (pictured); 4) Keep feet together and maintain straight legs; 5) Complete three of eight to 10 repetitions.
Clay and grass court exercises
4 June, 2013

The following exercise tips can assist you to enjoy your tennis experience on court surfaces as diverse as clay and grass at whatever level you play.
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Pete Sampras, Colonial Classic, Kooyong, Melbourne, 2000. GETTY IMAGES
Four steps to the perfect smash
31 May, 2013

The overhead smash is one of the most spectacular shots in tennis but it's easy to get it wrong. Follow our guide and you'll never miss an overhead again.
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Australian Tennis Magazine
ATM special Grand Slam offer
29 May, 2013

Take up Australian Tennis Magazine's special Grand Slam offer and receive three issues for just $9.95
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Lleyton Hewitt, an exponent of percentage tennis, in action at Roland Garros; Getty Images
Play the percentages
28 May, 2013

Longer rallies and point construction are non-negotiables on clay, which is why playing percentage tennis is a must. Here's how you can get better at it.
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Serena Williams tracks down a ball at the recent Mutua Madrid Open; Getty Images
Five drills to improve your agility
23 May, 2013

Playing on clay requires excellent movement, footwork and agility. You can improve this area of your game by following these simple, high-energy drills.
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Sam Stosur, Roland Garros 2012, Paris. GETTY IMAGES
Seven tips to help you win on clay
21 May, 2013

Winning on clay requires a strong body and even stronger mind. Fed Cup Squad Coach Shannon Nettle lists his top seven tips to help you triumph on the dirt.
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Roger Federer (left) and Chris Evert. GETTY IMAGES
Tennis tips: one hand or two?
18 May, 2013

There’s no denying that the single-handed backhand is a thing of beauty but it’s becoming scarcer at ATP/WTA level. So should you play with one hand or two?
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