How to cope with a loss
Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, Australian Open, 2009, Melbourne. GETTY IMAGES
29 June, 2013

Some can shake off a loss quickly, while others can't get it out of their head. We all cope with loss differently but what's the best way to deal with an 'L'?
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How to analyse your opponent
Maria Sharapova (R) shakes hands at the net with Victoria Azarenka after winning their 2013 French Open semifinal at Roland Garros; Getty Images
27 June, 2013

Knowing little or nothing about an opponent is like sailing the high seas without a compass, so you should learn as much as possible about them. Here's how.
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Perfect your pre-match diet
Novak Djokovic eats a banana during Australian Open 2012; Getty Images
22 June, 2013

Professional athletes and dedicated amateurs will extend their pre-match preparation to include the right food and drink before they take to the court.
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Improve your net game Part II
Stefan Edberg, Roland Garros, 1990. GETTY IMAGES
20 June, 2013

Former ATP pro and now coach Simon Youl returns with part II of his insights into how to improve your net game.
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How to warm up before a match
Maria Sharapova warms up, WTA Championships, Istanbul, 2012. GETTY IMAGES
18 June, 2013

An effective tennis warm-up is a non-negotiable; follow our simple steps for the perfect pre-match warm-up.
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10 tips to get the perfect night’s sleep
Serena Williams attends Sleep Sheets Launch at Empire Hotel on April 27, 2012 in New York City; Getty Images for Sleep Sheets
15 June, 2013

Professional athletes and dedicated amateurs will extend their pre-match preparation to include making sure they get a good night’s sleep.
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Improve your net game Part I
Pat Rafter, Wimbledon, 2001. GETTY IMAGES
13 June, 2013

Former ATP player and current coach Simon Youl delivers his top tips on how to hit the perfect volley.
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Three tips to improve your mental game
Roger Federer, Roland Garros, 2013, Paris. GETTY IMAGES
8 June, 2013

You've practiced your strokes, worked on your footwork and formulated a strategy, but how about your mental game? Here's three tips to whip your brain into shape.
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How to hit a fierce kick serve
David Ferrer of Spain deploys a kick-serve at the 2013 French Open in Paris, France; Getty Images
6 June, 2013

Learning a good kick serve - where the ball bounces typically around shoulder or head height - makes it difficult for your opponent to return the ball well.
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Roger Rasheed: coach to the stars
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga with coach Roger Rasheed (R) during a practice session ahead of the 2013 Australian Open at Melbourne Park; Getty Images
5 June, 2013

Having coached Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to the semifinals of the 2013 French Open, Australian Tennis Magazine chats with Roger Rasheed about the keys to his success.
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