21 November 2023 | Tennis West

Round 4 of the Men’s and Women’s State League highlighted individual brilliance, with standout performances from players like Ruby Broadbent, Saanvi Tak, and Anja Dokic. In the men’s, players showcased not only individual brilliance but also the importance of strong team dynamics. Players like Hans Bustiman, Scott Jones, and Scott Webster demonstrated their prowess in singles, while the doubles combinations played a crucial role in determining the overall outcome of the Alexander Park match.



Applecross defeated Dalkeith 4-2 

In a gripping encounter, Dalkeith faced off against Applecross, with the latter emerging victorious and securing their first win for the season. Ruby Broadbent continued her impressive form for Applecross, securing a singles win against Lauren Nikoloski with a score of 6-4, 6-4. The doubles combinations of Lauren Nikoloski/Hayley Burton and Ali Connell/Meg Connell fought valiantly, but Applecross prevailed with four wins in all singles matches.


Royal Kings Park defeated Peppermint Grove 3-3 (tied at 7 sets each, 62 games to 58 games) 

A closely contested battle unfolded between Peppermint Grove and Royal Kings Park, resulting in a nail-biting victory for Royal Kings Park. With the ties and sets all level, it came down to games won. Jessie Culley’s singles win for Peppermint Grove set the stage, but Royal Kings Park’s Saanvi Tak and Jana Ruzic showcased resilience in singles and doubles matches, contributing to their team’s success.


Hensman Park defeated Alexander Park 5-1 

In a dominant display of skill, Hensman Park emerged victorious against Alexander Park, concluding the match with a comfortable 5-1 win and remaining undefeated. Anja Dokic, Ksenija Vujacic, and Ella Nurkic delivered strong performances in singles, while the doubles combinations of Anja Dokic/Ella Nurkic and Sheridan Currie/Madeleine Watson showcased the depth of talent in both teams.



UWA defeated Peppermint Grove: 6-0 

UWA exhibited a commanding performance against Peppermint Grove, securing a convincing victory on the clay courts at UWA Tennis Club. Hans Bustiman, Tim Gray, Adityavikram Mann, and Luca Katsamakis demonstrated their individual excellence in singles matches, each securing wins to contribute to UWA’s dominance. The doubles combinations of Hans Bustiman/Luca Katsamakis and Adityavikram Mann/Christopher Lawrence further solidified UWA’s triumph on the court.


Alexander Park defeated Mt Lawley/Sorrento: 4-2 

In a closely contested matchup under lights at Mt Lawley Tennis Club, Alexander Park emerged victorious against Mt Lawley/Sorrento. Scott Jones, Ashwin Sharma, and Daniel Downey showcased their resilience in singles matches, securing crucial wins for Alexander Park. The doubles encounters added an extra layer of excitement, with scores tied at 2 matches a piece. Scott Jones/Ashwin Sharma and Daniel Downey/Evan Manso combinations contributed to their team’s success.


Cottesloe defeated Blue Gum Park: 5-1 

Cottesloe asserted their dominance with a resounding victory over Blue Gum Park. Scott Webster, Ethan Dunn, Will Hann, and Adam Kehane displayed exceptional form in singles matches, securing decisive wins for Cottesloe. The doubles combinations of Scott Webster/Will Hann and Ethan Dunn/Adam Kehane further highlighted Cottesloe’s depth and skill on the courts.


TWSL Round 5 Fixtures   


Friday 24th November, 6 pm 

Hensman Park v Dalkeith (Hensman Park)

Saturday 25th November, 1 pm 

Royal Kings Park v Applecross (Royal Kings Park)

Sunday 26th November, 1 pm 

Peppermint Grove v Alexander Park (Peppermint Grove)



Friday 24th November, 6 pm   

Blue Gum Park v UWA (Blue Gum Park)

Saturday 25th November, 1 pm 

Alexander Park v Peppermint Grove (Alexander Park)*

Sunday 26th November, 1 pm 

Mt Lawley/Sorrento v Cottesloe (Mt Lawley)


All matches are streamed live and free on Streamer.

*Feature Match of the Round