Tennis Hot Shots Match Play

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Tennis Hot Shots Match Play is an exciting junior competition delivered by tennis clubs, centres and associations.

Tennis Hot Shots Match Play is designed to give children aged 7-11 years old already playing tennis the opportunity to transition from learning the game to playing matches in a fun team environment. It is intended to give children a great experience in team tennis, which is the cornerstone for them falling in love with the sport, and retaining them as lifelong participants.

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Key features of Tennis Hot Shots Match Play:

  • Local program (delivered by national registered clubs/coaches, associations)
  • Time friendly format for families with defined start and finish times (60-75 minutes)
  • Shortened match format first to four games so children have the opportunity to play more matches
  • Smaller courts, racquets and softer balls to suit your child’s age and skill level
  • Parents can have fun with their kids through on court participation and support
  • Minimum two player teams with all participants actively engaged for duration of play
  • Singles and doubles or doubles only format with players receiving three matches each
  • Season length to suit your environment (6-8 weeks recommended) and delivered during school terms


Orange Ball Match Play (7 – 10 years old)

Aimed at children who are beginning to play the sport and have developed an understanding of tennis through Tennis Hot Shots coaching, community play or at their local school.


Green Ball Match Play (9 – 11 years old)

Aimed at children who have some experience in playing the sport and have developed an understanding of tennis through participating regularly in Tennis Hot Shots Coaching or have progressed from an Orange Ball Match Play program.


Become an Tennis Hot Shots Match Play Deliverer!

Benefits for Tennis Hot Shots Match Play deliverers include:
  • Increase the retention of participants in your coaching programs by providing them with a recognised national branded and marketed league pathway
  • Perfect way for participants to transfer the skills they learn through coaching into match play
  • Introduce new revenue streams and membership bundle category opportunities
  • Create a Junior League Pathway to feed Tennis Hot Shots participants into junior and social competition in your club
  • All new deliverers will receive a Start Pack worth over $200 including balls, drop-down lines and net banners
  • Competition Software support from the Tennis Australia Tennis Services team 1800 PLAYTENNIS
  • National branded Tennis Hot Shots Match Play marketing collateral
  • All registered deliverers will have their program details on the National Tennis Hot Shots “Find a Venue” webpage


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