National Court Rebate


Tennis Australia’s National Court Rebate (NCR) assists state/territory member affiliated venues, local government and schools to develop tennis in Australia; including new courts, surface conversion, upgrading existing court surfaces, Hot Shots courts, Tennis Australia’s Book a Court with integrated gate access technology, associated tennis infrastructure, major projects, strategy and planning.

Tennis Australia is proud to continue the National Court Rebate for a tenth consecutive year. In the last nine years, the program has proven to be a resounding success in stimulating more than 2,300 new or resurfaced tennis courts and considerable investment in the sport across Australia. The NCR continues to act as a catalyst for all tennis and government stakeholders to form partnerships and better plan for the provision of strategically located networks of community tennis venues.

The National Court Rebate is intended to stimulate progressive facility developments in line with the national court surface policy, Tennis 2020 – National Facility Development and Management Framework for Australian Tennis; as well as a range of tennis programming, coaching and competition initiatives.

Tennis Australia has developed four key pillars that must be in place at local tennis venues and championed by successful NCR funding recipients:

  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability
  • Community Benefit
  • Accountability

The above pillars underpin healthy, vibrant tennis venues that service communities and deliver mutual benefits for tennis and the landowner (usually local government).


The National Court Rebate invites Expressions of Interest from Member Association affiliated clubs, and venues, local government and schools*.

*Schools must register with Tennis Australia’s National School Partnership Program (NSPP) or be involved in tennis through the Australian Government’s Sporting Schools program to be eligible for National Court Rebate. For details visit


Funding assistance through the National Court Rebate can be requested for base preparation and court development, court lighting, court surfacing, surface conversion, resurfacing, new venue development, venue redevelopment or upgrades, and associated tennis venue ancillaries and infrastructure.

Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate the following:

  • Increase playing opportunities (Eg: New courts will be prioritised over resurfacing; lighting installation on unlit courts)
  • Development of purpose built ANZ Tennis Hot Shots court/s
  • Incorporate ANZ Tennis Hot Shots through blended lines or line markings into the project development proposal
  • Incorporate ANZ Tennis Hot Shots in schools, venues and public parks
  • Implement Tennis Australia’s Book a Court initiative with integrated gate access technology for managing court bookings
  • Venues that are accessible to the general public (ie. not for ‘member use only’)
  • Provide access to Grand Slam surfaces, particularly the surface of the Australian Open and Tier 1 clay courts
  • Develop tennis in growth areas or in areas where there is a high demand for tennis courts
  • Secure significant funding and are funded in part by the applicant or club/venue where the project is taking place
  • Demonstrate community partnerships at the venue
  • Environmentally sustainable practices and compliance with disability discrimination legislation
  • Local Government identified projects including Strategic Planning and Local Government initiatives
  • Supporting management change including management model development and operational best practices

Priority will not be given to the following projects:

  • Ancillaries alone (Eg: Fencing)
  • Projects at venues that don’t provide access to any Grand Slam surfaces
  • Maintenance projects
  • Projects that do not have committed funding from other sources and are not funded in part by the applicant
  • Venues that are not affiliated with the relevant Member Association

National Court Rebate 2016–2017

Funding for the 2016/17 financial year will be split into two (2) funding rounds:

Round 1                  EOIs accepted from 1st July 2016 to 25th August 2016
                                  Results announced mid-late September 2016

Round 2                 EOIs accepted from 21st November 2016 to 10th February 2017
                                  Results announced early-mid March 2017

What is the NCR application process?

  • STEP 1: Contact your Member Association to discuss your project.
  • STEP 2Complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form and return it to your Member Association.
  • STEP 3: Member Association submits your EOI to Tennis Australia’s Places to Play (P2P) Team.
  • STEP 4: EOIs are assessed under a specific funding round and successful EOI applicants are invited to progress to Full Application.

The following steps apply only if you are invited to apply for NCR funding: 

  • STEP 5: Submit Full Application (application form and supporting documents) to your Member Association for review.
  • STEP 6Member Association to submits the Application to Tennis Australia.
  • STEP 7:  Application is assessed against the relevant NCR eligibility criteria.
  • STEP 8: Approved applicants receive rebate when the project has been completed.

Got a Question?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. 

For further enquiries contact the Places to Play Team at Tennis Australia on (03) 9914 4000 or your Member Association Places to Play representative.

You may also wish to consider a Tennis Australia Facility Loan as part of a total financial package. It is highly recommended that you explore funding options available through community grants and your relevant Local and State Government grants program.