SunSmart Club Grant Funding

With our much-valued partnership with Healthway, Tennis West and our affiliated clubs will continue to work collaboratively to promote:

  • improved physical health through physical activity and participation in Tennis programs and events
  • improved mental health and wellbeing through the sense of belonging and community at local clubs
  • the promotion and collaboration with clubs to improved nutrition and healthy food choices made available at venues

We will continue to offer SunSmart Grants through our Healthway Club Hub program. Available for both metro and regional clubs, we aim to offer support to assist in the coordination and delivery of an all-inclusive community event. Building awareness of our much-loved sport, promoting our clubs run by dedicated and hardworking committees and endorsing specific Healthway messaging, we aim to make our sport more accessible, and contribute to the growth in tennis participation.


Clubs are invited to submit an application for funding to assist in delivering a SunSmart Club Event or Program. The funding scope is up to $1000 (plus GST, if applicable) per application. Clubs will be notified of the outcome, and the funding will be paid following the conclusion of the event and receipt of the final report and all supporting documents.


Please ensure you read the Grant Program Information below before completing your application.


Further information and supporting documents can be found below.
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Grant Information – SunSmart Club Super Days
Application form – METRO
Application form – REGIONAL
Event Guides
Event Examples
Sample SunSmart Policy
Healthway Minimum Health Policy Requirements
Sample Health Policy
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Healthy Food Ideas
Healthy Event Day Menu Guide
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Successful Grant : Next Steps
Successful Grant : SunSmart Messages Guide
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