SunSmart Club Super Days Funding


Tennis West has secured a 2020/2021 Healthway – Message Promotion Sponsorship to deliver the Play and Stay in Tennis Project, which is designed to address barriers to participation, by providing opportunities for Western Australians to choose a healthy lifestyle and increase their physical activity by participating in tennis through a number of initiatives. A key component to the Play and Stay in Tennis project, which is delivered by our affiliated club network, is SunSmart Club Super Days.



The SunSmart Club Super Days funding program is available to support our Metropolitan and Regional tennis clubs in coordinating and delivering an event that invites the local community into the club. A key focus of this program is to engage with clubs and encourage them to provide accessible, healthy, welcoming environments, which are thriving community hubs that people want to visit. By making our sport more accessible, we aim to contribute to the growth in tennis participation at local clubs.

Clubs are invited to submit an application for funding to assist in delivering a SunSmart Club Super Day. The funding scope is up to $1000 (plus GST, if applicable) per application. Clubs will be notified of the outcome, and the funding will be paid following the conclusion of the event and receipt of the final report and all supporting documents.


Please ensure you read the Grant Information below before completing your application.


Further information and supporting documents can be found below.
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Grant Information – SunSmart Club Super Days
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