Kent Yamazaki and Bob Brett Foundation Scholarship Fund

Kent Yamazaki (2004-2020)

The Kent Yamazaki and Bob Brett Tennis Foundation aims to advance, encourage and promote the education of financially and/or socially disadvantaged youth through participation in tennis. Passionate about the physical and mental health benefits of tennis and fostering personal development, the Foundation regularly holds events across Australia to give youths in metro and regional areas the opportunity to obtain a new skill as well as providing an accessible experience of competitive tennis at a lower cost.

Essential tournament services and equipment are supplied at a subsidised cost from affiliated organisations and coordinated by the Kent Yamazaki & Bob Brett Tennis Foundation volunteers. The volunteers are all young tennis players, coaches, and tennis officials who understand the regulations and act as role models for the children.

The Kent Yamazaki and Bob Brett Tennis Foundation has recently been granted the opportunity to assist athletes financially where they meet the selection criteria aligning with the vision articulated in Bob’s coaching and life philosophy. The scholarship fund’s purpose is to assist young Australians who are under financial or other hardships, through tennis as a medium for play as well as personal growth.

Applications for the 2022 Scholarship Fund are now closed and successful applicants will be contacted.

Applications for the 2024 Scholarship Fund will open on 1 February 2024. Players should apply via

The timeline for the application process is as follows:
1 February 2024 – Applications process opens
29 February 2024 – Applications process closes
1 March 2024 – Selection Panel reviews all applications/interviews
Mid May 2024– All applicants informed of their application status
June 2024 – Grants commence

For more information about the Kent Yamazaki and Bob Brett Foundation and to read Kent and Bob’s stories, please visit: 

Bob Brett (1953-2021)