7 February 2019 | Tennis West

**The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast very high temperatures for Western Australia in the coming week**


Weather Forecast – This weekend some venues, especially the inland clubs, will experience some extreme weather conditions, which could expose League players to hot playing conditions. TW recommends that clubs provide Supervisors at their venues.


Policy – Again we remind you of the  Tennis Australia Extreme Weather Policy and also the need to assess the venue specific environment. This should also be available at every venue for referral by supervisors and players, who must acknowledge the modified arrangement below before the fixture begins.


Supervisors – The Tennis Australia Extreme Weather Policy outlines the maximum Wet Bulb Globe Shade Temperatures (WBGT) under which Tennis should be played, however the policy provides for some discretion for club supervisors to cease playing Tennis prior to these thresholds being met if local conditions warrant.


Penalty process amended – Tennis West has established the following local League arrangement for the remainder of the 18/19 season only:

Where no supervisor or club committee member is present, if the ambient temperature reaches 38 degrees celsius for open leagues and 36 degrees for junior leagues and 35+/45+/50+/55+/60+ leagues,  (measurement taken from the nearest BOM reading published online), any player has the option to suspend play until the temperature returns below the threshold for their league, without penalty forfeit. Remember that the 90 minute waiting period continues to apply, before the match is cancelled, as per the policy. We encourage all players to be careful with their health and if they are feeling at all unwell at any stage, they are encouraged to retire. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD suggested preparation for players.


IMPORTANT – The TA Extreme Weather Policy remains in place. Only the penalty for suspending play in certain conditions (above), and where no supervisor is present, is amended for TW Leagues for the remainder of the season.


Please inform your teams of this, and also remind them of the link for the WGBT SHADE reading in WA here, which they should save to their smart device browsers.


A quick reminder for Captains to ENTER and CONFIRM results in order that they may be included in the weekly Player Rating calculation.


Thank you for ensuring that your teams are well informed for their matches.



Tennis West League Operations