Orange Ball Tournament Circuit

2021 Orange Ball Tournament Circuit Calendar

Tournament Dates & Entries

Date  Venue Entry Closing Date
28 Feb Queens Park Tennis  Tournament Results Closed
23 MAY Canterbury Taipans Tournament Results Closed 
13 JUN TMGoz (GCS) Tournament Results Closed
29 AUG *rescheduled from 1st August KDV Sport ENTRY NOW OPEN 25 August
TBC *rescheduled from 29th August Pro-One Tennis ENTRIES OPENING SOON  
24 OCT Somerset College ENTRIES OPENING SOON  

Orange Ball Tournament Circuit FAQ

What is the Orange Ball Tournament Circuit?

The circuit incorporates a series of events specifically for ANZ Hot Shots Orange Stage 2 players, developed to engage them with practical skill development opportunities and competitive match play experiences.  All matches are played with Orange Balls (50% compression), on chalked or taped ITF standard Orange stage courts, and players must not use a racquet bigger than 25″ in length.

Orange Ball Competency Checklist: Click Here

How do I enter a Orange Ball Tournament?

For information on how to enter please click here.

What is the Format of each Tournament?

  • Players will be guaranteed four (4) matches on the day (withdrawals on the day may impact this).
  • SCORING for each match is first to 4 games with a tie-break to be played (first to 5 points), should the score reach 3-3.
  • Players will SERVE one game at a time and CHANGE ENDS when the match score totals an odd number.  Players will play lets.
  • All matches have a Court Supervisor on court at all times to call the score, call the lines and implement the rules of the game.
  • All players will be expected to Umpire a number of matches, however will be completely guided by the court supervisor.

What is a typical timeline for a tournament?

The tournament schedule will be split into two sessions. Timings will be dependant on the number of entries.
Times of play between 7:30am & 2:30pm.
A schedule of match times will be made available the Friday before each tournament.
(The presentation of awards sees the prize giving for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place getters, Best Sportsmanship & Best Effort for EACH event).

Do players receive Australian Rankingor UTR Points?

No, Australian Ranking or UTR points are not associated with any event within the Gold Coast Region Orange Ball Tournament Circuit.
Instead, players who participate in the Gold Coast Region Orange Ball Tournament Circuit within the same calendar year will earn and accumulate points –  recorded in the ‘The Bolt to Brisbane’ point race.

For more information on the BOLT TO BRISBANE – please click here:

The allocation of points available to players at each event within the circuit is as follows:

1st place – 100 points | 2nd place – 75 points | 3rd place – 50 points | 4th place – 40 points | quarter finalist – 30 points | participation – 15 points.

Points are not transferable between age groups or circuits or regions.

Bolt to Brisbane Point Race | Orange Ball 2021

What if I need to withdraw my player?

If a player enters into an event, they are expected to play unless they become prevented by illness/injury (must provide a medical certificate).  If a player cannot play,their parent/guardian must notify the Tournament Director in writing ASAP.  
Clubs are not required to issue refunds withdrawal procedures are not followed.   A player who ‘no shows’ or withdraws during the event will not receive any form of refund.  
The withdrawal deadline falls 3 days prior to the event and withdrawals before this deadline will be granted a $30.00 refund.
Players who withdraw after the above deadline but before release of the draw, will be granted a refund 50%.
 Players who withdraw after the release of the draw will not be entitled a refund, even if a medical certificate can be provided.

In the event that the tournament is cancelled before a player completes their first match, a full refund less a $10.00 admin fee will be issued.