If you have any questions about the new Advantage Coach program, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.

When can I join the program? We will review each Head Coach application and notify them within 7 days. If they meet program criteria and are successful, they can join immediately. The bulk of the components and benefits start in 2024.
Is this a yearly program? This is a Tennis Queensland pilot program for 2023/24. If successful, we would love to establish it as an ongoing yearly program. To maintain your program placement each year, the Head Coach needs to attend the required components.
What is the criteria to join the program?
  • Head Coach must be based at a Tennis Queensland affiliated venue
  • Head Coach must be a current Tennis Australia Business Coach Member
  • Coaching team must all be current Tennis Australia coach members
  • Must agree to the programs Terms & Conditions.
If my attendance compulsory for the primary and secondary components? Head Coaches must be in attendance at all of the Primary components and one Secondary component of their choice, before the end of 2024, to maintain their placement in the program.
Can I attend the program components without joining this program? Yes, for most of the components within the program, you are able to attend them individually and not be a part of the Advantage Coach program. All of the Program Extras however are only applicable for Head Coaches in the program.
How much is this program to join? There is no charge to join the program. It is a pilot program and benefit for TQ affiliates and TA Business Coach members.
What is the Tennis Queensland Coach Development Fund? This is a new fund that aims to support three coach initiatives. The Student to Assistant Coach, Regional Coach Education Support, and the Coach Travel Support project. Head Coaches will be required to submit applications for these projects on an individual basis, where they will need to highlight the community benefit if successful. Limited funds are available, with applications granted upon merit and on a first-come first-serve basis, at the discretion of Tennis Queensland Management. Please check the Program Terms and Conditions.
If the Head Coach can’t attend an event, can a coach in their team go instead? No, the coach in attendance must meet the program entry criteria.
Do I need to register separately for the workshops, events, benefits, etc.? Yes, check out the program schedule for the list of components in your region. Each will need to be registered for individually.
What if I miss the program deadline on the 1st December 2023. Can I still join? Potentially yes, but it depends on whether the program components are all still available for you to participate in. If they aren’t, then you will have to wait until the 2025 program.
Can we have more than one Head Coach in the program? You may have one Head Coach per TQ affiliated venue. If the coaching business has more affiliated venues, then a Head Coach from another venue can also join the program, as long as they have met the program entry criteria.