Queensland Tennis Facilities Strategic Plan 2028

Tennis Queensland with the support of Tennis Australia has initiated a Tennis Facility Review to assist in the development of our Queensland Tennis Facility Master Plan scheduled for release in March 2018.

During February through to April an infrastructure condition review of all affiliated facilities across Queensland took place which required the visual inspection of affiliated facilities recording the condition of the courts, fencing, lighting, clubhouse and other venue amenities. In total over 250 affiliated facilities were reviewed.

The collection of this data will generate an improved understanding of the current tennis facility provision, the current condition of facilities, and will shape a state-wide plan for venue renewal and/or development in Queensland. This is a significant project for Tennis in Queensland as it will provide vital information to consolidate, renew and gain important partnerships and financial support from all levels of government by accurately charting a course for future facility needs.

insideEDGE Sport and Leisure planning have been appointed to provide the technology to facilitate the audit/review of tennis facilities across Queensland. Utilising insideEDGE’s facility review technology allows Tennis Queensland to better understand tennis facility and asset provision, as well as their condition, compliance and renewal requirements, all of which are essential in helping us make informed strategic decisions for tennis facility planning across Queensland.

Data obtained through this process, provides a Queensland-wide summary including a break down across our eight regions of the infrastructure condition and lifecycle status of all reviewed courts and facilities.



How were the facility reviews be conducted?

Tennis Queensland’s local Participation Leader (PL) visited each venue to do the review. The PL looked at court surfaces and run-offs, lights, fences, club rooms etc. to assess and note their current physical condition.

What will this information be used for?

The Facility Review information will be used to help shape a state-wide plan for venue renewal and/or development in Queensland. Information collected will ensure Tennis Queensland can continue to provide the right support to facilitate growth in tennis participation in Queensland.

Are my local council involved?

Our Government Relations Manager will make contact with your local council to discuss the facility review process and how they may be able to assist.

Where can I find more information about the State Tennis Facility Review?

If you have any queries regarding the Facility review please contact your local Participation Leader.