The Tennis Queensland Advantage Coach program is an innovative pilot initiative.

Exclusively for Head Coaches within the state, this program is designed to provide them and their respective teams with a framework focused on business growth and professional development.

This program includes a schedule of events and development opportunities for Head Coaches to engage in. Participation brings benefits not only to them but also to their teams.

Structured around two pivotal program components:

Primary Components

This is the heart of the program and requires the Head Coach’s compulsory attendance at ALL of the below Primary Components. It entails a series of immersive workshops, enriching events, and strategic initiatives created to cater to various facets of your coaching business.

  1. Super JDS event
  2. Business Coach Summit
  3. At least one Business Workshop
  4. Coach Exchange (1:1)

Secondary Components

You can choose ONE opportunity to attend throughout the year, based on your business and team needs

  1. Schools Workshop
  2. Inclusion Workshop
  3. Women & Girls Initiative or Workshop
  4. Brisbane International Coaches Summit

Program Extras

We have a range of amazing program extras for you and your team for being a part of the program.

  1. AO ground-pass access, with coach networking breakfasts and behind the scenes opportunities
  2. Brisbane International ground-pass access, networking events and behind the scenes opportunities
  3. Business Coach Summit access (24-26 June 2024)
  4. Tennis Australia coaching course discount, for you and your team (30%!)
  5. Canva licence and online training
  6. Online business workshop series with Alan Myers
  7. Student to Assistant Coach – Funding for the whole Trainee or Participation course to be delivered within a school/university (minimum of 10 students). Plus the students will be required to volunteer 3 hours of time at a coaching venue post-graduation *
  8. International Coaching Qualification – RPL fee waived for eligible coaches in your team who hold an international qualification (Development or Club Professional Course) *
  9. Immigration Agency  Discount – 10% off The Migration Agency fee
  10. Brisbane International Opportunity – 2 nights accommodation subsidy for you to attend the Coaches Summit *
  11. Business Coach Summit Opportunity – 2 nights accommodation and meals for Head Coach to attend the Summit *
  12. Coach Travel Support – $500 travel support funding if travelling outside of your region to a junior tournament (JT 125 and above) with two players or more (must reside 300kms from tournament location) *
  13. Regional Coach Education Support – Any coach in your team who wants to do the Development or Club Professional Course, who live 200km from the course delivery location, will be supported with up to $1000 grant to assist course fees *

* Terms and Conditions Apply

Delivering Impact Across Regions

We are committed to bringing the benefits of this program to your doorstep, ensuring that every coach has the same opportunity. Each program component, except the Summit/Conference, will be delivered at least once per year in every region, or available online, maximizing opportunities for engagement, learning, and growth.

Check out the Regional Schedule Here.


Want More Information?

Full details of the Advantage Coach Program can be found here.

Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

When To Apply?

Applications for 2024 have now closed. But if you would like more information regarding the 2025 program, please email me at [email protected]

Primary Components

Head Coach participation at each of these Primary Program Components through the year, plus one Secondary Component. Each Component delivered within every region (except the Summit), or online, at least once per year.

Coach Exchange
Coach Exchange
A Coach Exchange is a 1:1 conversation with one of the Coach Development team regarding your business. It could be 1-2hrs in duration at your venue, or online, and something that is done once or multiple times a year (based on Head Coach's preference). The purpose of the conversation is for us to provide support in any way we can.
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Business Coach Summit
Regional Business Coach Summit
Following the success of the 2023 Summit, the second year of this fantastic 3-day event will take place in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Following a similar format to the 2023 event, there will be a host of speakers chatting through various relevant business topics, and opportunities to chat to venue operators on the Gold Coast.
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Super JDS Event
Super JDS Event
The 2023 Super JDS events were great additions to the Junior Development Series of events across the state. For 2024 we will be changing the format, offering a 2-day player & coach camp on day one, and teams event on day two. The event is for JDS level players, with coaches heavily involved as Camp Coaches and Team Captains in the throughout the event.
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Business Workshops
Business Workshop
Relevant suite of business workshops presented by guest experts, to support business growth, delivered both face-to-face and online in 2024.
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Secondary Components

Head Coach participation at one of these Program Components through the year. Each Component delivered within every region (except the Conference), or online, at least once per year.

Schools Workshop
Schools Workshop
These workshops will be delivered either face to face or online through the year. Their focus is on school program support, development and assistance with team delivery.
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Inclusion Workshop
Inclusion workshop
With a mix of face-to-face and online inclusion workshops being planned for delivery throughout the year, now is a great time to build on your inclusivity within your community.
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Women and Girls Initiative
Women and Girls Initiative
We have fantastic Women and Girls (W&G) initiatives through the year that are making a significant impact across the state. With inspirational events, course scholarships, PD workshops and experiences, to assist with recruiting, upskilling and retaining your coaches. We would love for you to attend one of them with your female team members.
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Brisbane International Coaches Summit
Brisbane International Coaches Conference
The BI Coaches Summit is back this January, with a host of fantastic presentations and experiences. With a two-day Summit based at the Queensland Tennis Centre, and unique experiences packaged during the week, it is one not to be missed!
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