What is the Sunshine Coast Tennis League?

The Sunshine Coast Tennis League is a weekly regional fixtures competition involving 25-30 clubs across the Sunny Coast, showcasing and encouraging the best way there is to play tennis in the region, in teams! Over the last 4 years the competition has expanded to over 100 junior teams and 600 players with match play opportunities for adults and juniors. To find out how you can get involved enquire at your local club, as you must be a member of a club to play.

New Look Monday Night Competition

With the trial complete and the Survey results in, the SCTL committee has decided to adopt the trial format moving forward. The Committee would like to extend its appreciation to those that helped out by completing the survey. Survey result can be viewed here


  • Team Size – 4 Players (Gender Neutral) – Maximum of 6 players
  • Match Format –
    • Rubbers
      • Round 1 – 1&2 vs 1&2 – 3&4vs 3&4
      • Round 2 – 1&3 vs 1&3 – 2&4 vs 2&4
      • Round 3 – 1 &4 vs 1&4 – 2&3 vs 2&3
    • Sets – First to 6 TB at 5-5
    • Second deuce sudden death point
    • Note: teams can agree to play long deuce  but default is as above if no agreement
  • Win type –
    • Regular Season – Sets then Games (Points will be given for both)
    • Finals – Games then sets
  • Players All players will need to have a Competitive Play Profile (Tennis ID/Account – 6633…. Number)
  • Fees
    • Team rego – $80
    • Weekly payments – recommendation $15
    • Clubs to collect their teams’ fees both home and away
  • Clubs – Clubs are to use the League Manager software for the following:-
    • Online nominations
    • Player entry
    • Score entry (if Match Centre is not being used by Captains)
  • Partnership agreements to be used for overflow venues for clubs with more teams than courts available. A 2/3 venue and 1/3 home club split will be the recommended fee structure for home matches played away.

For any enquiries regarding the above changes, please contact the SCTL administration here: [email protected]

UTR – Universal Tennis Rating and Competitive play Profile (Tennis Accounts)

Since the announcement of the partnership between UTR and Tennis Australia we have seen the considerable use and growth of ratings based competition. There is now a high percentage of events that utilise ratings for both entry and/or grading purposes which encourages level based play. Whilst the SCTL has used ratings to grade its players and teams since its inception, the SCTL is excited to announce that all eligible fixture results will automatically feed into UTR. This means players can compete in their local fixtures and keep their UTR up to date as well as potentially improve it.

Please click below for instructions on how to create a Competitive Play Profile, link a UTR account or create/claim a UTR account – Click Here

For more information about UTR please – click Here

Please contact us here [email protected] for more information

 Sunshine Coast Junior Premier League 2024

Event Dates:

  • Juniors – Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd Nov
  • Back-up date in case of wet weather – Sat 16th & Sun 17th Nov

Entries: Junior Entries Close Fri 25th Oct, 5pm

Grades: Juniors 16 & Under

Premier – open

Division 1 – Max team UTR 6

Division 2 – Max team UTR 4

Juniors 13 & Under

Premier –Open

Division 1 – Max team UTR 3.5

Juniors 10 & Under Green Ball

Premier – Open

Division 1 – Low green

Note: The competition management reserves the right to change these gradings based on entry numbers and levels for the betterment of the competition. Team UTR’s are calculated using the average of the top 4 players singles UTR’s. For more assistance on grading please contact us here [email protected]

Team Composition:

  • Premier Division – 3 x Males & 1 x Female (min) & 4 Males & 2 females (max)
  • All other Singles/Doubles divisions – Gender Neutral – 4 players (min) & 5 players (max)
  • Note: All Singles/Doubles Divisions – Playing positions will be ranked on Merit not on gender
  • Clubs can apply for a concession to play a female player older than the age group by up to 2yrs depending on standard and is subject to committee approval.

Venue: Caloundra Tennis Centre

Match Format: Singles/Doubles – 6 x Rubbers – 4 x singles & 2 x doubles

Rubber Format: All Division – Best of 3 FAST4 sets with 3rd set FAST TB

Draws: Draws will be played in round robin style to guarantee multiple matches for all teams and will be dependent on entry numbers. If division are large enough, Pools will be used with crossover finals.

Cost: Team registration fee (Paid to Tennis Qld): Singles/ Doubles – $160

  • Clubs to set match fees (not compulsory) to cover the cost of administration, managers/coach’s time, team shirts etc. to be collected for the club
  • Recommended Match Fee $15/per match

Club Requirements:

  • Every Junior team MUST have a Manager who is at least 18yrs of age.
  • Team Shirts – All players, must be wearing matching team shirts. Ideally with their club and the SCTL  logo but not essential. Teams can just have plain matching coloured shirts if necessary. Note: Shirts with non-club logos or club related sponsors will not be allowed.
  • Coaches – Optional (recommended for juniors as it is great opportunity to instruct their players in a match scenario) – Each team is allow 1 coach to be court side during matches. Coaching is permitted as per the rules.


  • Tennis Qld will administer the event
  • Tennis Qld will Provide the following
  • Balls
  • Prizes (Adults)
  • Medals (Juniors)
  • Pennants and Trophies for the winning Clubs
  • Net and Fence Banners
Note: All players must have a Competitive Player Profile id (Tennis Account 66#### number and activated UTR).  More information can be found here
For More Information please email here [email protected]

Friday Night Singles and Doubles

The Pennant Reserve divisions of the Junior fixtures will now be open to all ages. This will allow our better junior players to compete with higher rated adults to help improve their game as well as their UTR. Play will begin at 6pm and each match will consist of 5 singles and 1 doubles with each player receiving 2 singles and 1 doubles on the night.

Junior Fixtures

Junior Fixture Rules, Formats Etc. – Click Here

Junior Fixtures S1, 2024

Entries close: Fri 9th Feb

Grading Meeting: Tue 13th Feb

Appeals Close: Thurs 15th Feb

Draws Published: Mon 19th Feb

Season Starts: R1 – 23rd & 24th Feb

Finals: 17th & 18th May

Non-Playing Dates: 29th & 30th Mar, 5th & 6th, 12th & 13th April


Junior Fixtures S2, 2024

Entries close: Fri 17th May

Grading Meeting: Tue 21st May

Appeals Close: Thurs 23rd May

Draws Published: Mon 27th May

Season Starts: R1 – 31st May & 1st June

Finals: 23rd & 24th Aug

Non-Playing Dates: 22nd & 23rd, 28th & 29th June, 6th & 7th July


Junior Fixtures S3, 2024

Entries close: Fri 23rd Aug

Grading Meeting: Tue 27th Aug

Appeals Close: Thurs 29th Aug

Draws Published: Mon 2nd Sept

Season Starts: R1 – 6th & 7th Sept

Finals: 29th & 30th Nov

Non-Playing Dates: 13th & 14th, 20th & 21st, 27th & 28th Sept



Monday Night Adult Mixed


Monday Night Adult Mixed Rules (includes formats, playing order and points allocations) – Click Here


Adult Monday Night Fixtures S1, 2024

Entries close: Fri 16th Feb

Grading Meeting: Mon 19th Feb

Appeals Close: Wed 21st Feb

Draws Published: Thu 22nd Feb

Season Starts: R1 – 26th Feb

Finals: 20th May

Non-Playing Dates: 1st & 8th April


Adult Monday Night Fixtures S2, 2024

Entries close: Fri 24th May

Grading Meeting: Mon 27th May

Appeals Close: Wed 29th May

Draws Published: Thu 30st May

Season Starts: R1 – 3rd June

Finals: 26th Aug

Non-Playing Dates: 24th June & 1st July


Adult Monday Night Fixtures S3, 2024

Entries close: Fri 30th Aug

Grading Meeting: Mon 2nd Sept

Appeals Close: Wed 4th Sept

Draws Published: Thu 5th Sept

Season Starts: R1 – 9th Sept

Finals: 2nd Dec




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