Tennis Queensland recognizes the positive impact complementary formats (POP, padel, pickleball, beach tennis etc) can have on the accessibility, sustainability, and vibrancy of tennis. Tennis Queensland supports the integration of these formats within existing tennis facilities to increase accessibility and improve court utilization, however, not at the expense of existing tennis infrastructure (e.g. the permanent conversion of our existing tennis courts to padel or pickleball courts).

Tennis Queensland affiliation benefits only extend to complementary formats when delivered within the affiliated tennis facility, with clubs and coaches advised to seek guidance from their Tennis Queensland representative prior to their introduction and any changes to their infrastructure plan.

More Ways to Play

Padel Tennis
One of the fastest growing racquet sports around the globe, padel combines tennis, squash and badminton into one energetic, fun game.
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Beach Tennis
Beach tennis is the sandy sensation played using beach tennis paddles with a very easy learning curve, anyone can play and it’s perfect for all ages.
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POP Tennis
POP Tennis is truly the sport that everyone can immediately play and enjoy. It thoroughly engages and exhilarates you!
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