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Facility Development – Infrastructure Guides & Tips for planning and managing your facility

Infrastructure Guides

    • Tennis Infrastructure Planning Guide – Check out Tennis Australia’s Planning Resource for Australian tennis venues.
    • Facility Project Planning Guide The facility planning process is an essential element of providing quality tennis facilities. Our guide provides a snapshot of the process and will help you develop and deliver a successful facility project.
    • Inclusive Facilitiy Design GuideAn accessible and inclusive club design that meets the needs of these players can benefit all users, fostering participation growth by providing opportunities for all community members to engage in club activities
    • Multi-Lined Courts Fact Sheet – Tennis x NetballMake informed decisions. Our fact sheet developed in conjunction with Netball Victoria, outlines the minimum multi-line requirements for both sports and aligns with both national facility guidelines.

Technical Tips

    • Planting – Be mindful of the orientation of the court to the sun before positioning your club’s plants.
    • Fencing – Consult the Australian Fencing Standard guidelines before constructing your club’s tennis court fencing.
    • Drainage – Avoid damage to non-porous court surfaces by making sure your club has adequate storm water runoff.
    • Lighting – Regularly check your club’s tennis court lighting to make sure they meet the Australian Standard.
Funding your Infrastructure & Facility Projects

Planning for facility developments can be a complex task, and achieving the required level of funding can take up a lot of time and effort. Naturally, everyone involved wants to see a return on investment. 

It is essential that any facility development is planned, implemented and managed effectively. Defining needs and plans are important to ensuring a facility project commences successfully. A knowledge of the financial commitment must also be defined. 

With all this in place a good foundation for seeking assistance for both the project and financial investment has been undertaken. Local Government are a key supporter of tennis facilities and can provide either grants or budgeted investment.

Clubs should contact their local council’s sport or recreation staff to discuss facility development plans and advocate for support. A great resource for Victorian clubs is the Know Your Council website. 

For more information on how you can receive funding for your club or facility go to:

For further advice and support from Tennis Victoria, contact your local Tennis Development Officer. 

Facility Maintenance – Guides to keeping your courts ready for play
    • Acrylic Court Maintenance Guide – Maintenance of acrylic courts is vital to get the best out of your courts and to maximise their lifespan. This guide provides advice to keep your acrylic courts well maintained and ready for play.
    • Artificial Grass Court Maintenance Guide– This guide provides advice to keep your artificial grass courts well maintained and ready for play.
Technical Advisory Services & Infrastructure Contacts

Tennis Victoria has a Technical Advisory Service providing access to the latest technical information, planning, design and project management services for tennis clubs and Councils. Find out more more information on our Technical Advisory Services and consultants click here , and check out the following resources below:

Grasscourt Network
A network designed to assist with knowledge and information sharing for grasscourts.

Court & Gate Access

Check out the different ways you can open up your courts to your community using digital solutions and make it easier for players to participate at your venue.

Gate & Court Access Solutions – Book A Court, Igloohome Locks, ClubSpark

Tennis Victoria has multiple access solutions for venues to open up your courts to the community through an online booking system.

Options include:

Contact your Tennis Development Officer for further details.

Environment & Sustainability

Tennis Victoria recognises that the protection of the environment is an integral part of our business. Have a look to see how you can start this journey at your local venue, or build on what you’ve done already.

Environment Quick Wins & Resources
    • Environment Quick Wins
    • Becoming a sustainable tennis venue – Find out more about initiatives your venue can implement to become more sustainable including; GreenPower, LED Lighting, Solar Power & Water Tanks
    • Climate Change and Tennis Facilities Tennis Victoria recognises that the protection of the environment is an integral part of our business. Our affiliates and participants enjoy the experience of playing tennis in a clean environment and we want to ensure the ability to continue to do so.
Tennis Victoria Supported Initiatives
  • Game on Recycling – Game On Recycling, a new sports equipment recycling pilot program, has launched to collect and recycle tennis balls across Australia. They’re looking to add new clubs that share a passion for sustainability to their program, and being a collection partner is 100% free!
  • Tread Lightly – 110 million shoes make their way to Australian shores each year, yet only 1% are collected and recycled after use. Tread Lightly is a national recycling initiative that takes unwanted sport and active lifestyle footwear and responsibly recycles it here in Australia to give it new life.
  • Upparel – Did you know Australians purchase 27kg of new textiles each year and then discard around 23kg into landfill – annually? Tennis Victoria has partnered with Upparel to repurpose our old staff uniforms. We now have a collection bin that will be available at some of our events and forums so affiliated clubs and players can help with the recycling process.
  • Container Recycling Program – Victoria’s container deposit scheme, CDS Vic, is set to start in November 2023. The scheme will reward Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible can, carton and bottle they return. It is part of important work that is transforming Victoria’s waste and recycling system.
  • Review Your Energy Bill – Tennis Victoria has partnered with Niche Corporate, offering a service to review affiliated clubs electricity expenditure. Niche has over 20 years’ experience in the Australian energy market. Niche recently completed a trial run on four Tennis Clubs and are delighted to have achieved savings averaging around 20%, and in one case up to 40%. The savings for your club will vary depending on a range of factors e.g., annual kwh usage, meter type, distribution area (there are 5 distributors in Victoria), network tariff etc.
  • Greenpower – GreenPower is renewable energy from government accredited sources. Almost all electricity retailers in Australia have a GreenPower Accredited product that lets you purchase between 10 and 100% of your electricity from a renewable source.
  • Re4orm – Synthetic Surface Recycling – RE4ORM is the first of its kind in Australia: a sustainability-focused service that saves synthetic turf from landfill by recycling it, separating the components — sand, rubber & plastic — then processing them for re-use in new synthetic turf, or as raw elements for resale to other industries.

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