Safeguarding Children

24 hour telephone reporting and assistance service: 1800 11 SAFE (1800 117 233)

To raise a complaint securely online, please follow this link and complete the information as required, or email: [email protected]

Tennis Victoria Commitment Statement

Tennis Victoria has a zero tolerance approach to any form of child abuse and is committed to ensuring the sport of tennis is a safe and friendly environment for children and young people. It is imperative that children and young people who access our activities, programs, events or services feel safe and supported.

We will ensure that child safety is embedded in our organisation’s culture, reflected in our policies and procedures, and understood and practiced at all levels of our sport. We commit to making sure that everyone involved with delivering tennis in Victoria, from club administrators, volunteers, parents and participants, understand the important responsibilities they have in relation to child safety.

Our commitment extends beyond creating an environment that minimises risk or danger. We are committed to building an environment that is both child-safe and child-friendly. Together we can provide an environment in which children feel respected, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Jacqueline Pirone Tennis Victoria President  | Tam Harding Tennis Victoria Acting CEO

Safeguarding Children Requirements & Resources

Your local Tennis Victoria Tennis Development Officer is available to provide support to assist you with creating a culture of safety at your venue. Find your Tennis Development Officer here.


A Safer Game Plan Tennis Australia’s national education and awareness campaign, A Safer Game Plan, aims to provide resources to help promote and support the tennis community with their responsibilities for safeguarding children on and off the court. Click to find out more
Bounce Tennis Australia has produced an online training module for Safeguarding Children that we encourage all committee members complete. This training is available via Bounce.

To complete the online training, please follow these steps:

  1. a)   If you do not already have a Bounce account, create one here

Follow the prompts and click on ‘Create my new account’ to gain access.

b)   If you do already have a Bounce account, log in here

2. Navigate to the Child Safety resources in the ’Welcoming Safe and Inclusive Culture’ pillar of Thriving Tennis Communities

3. Scroll down and click onto the Safeguarding Children e-learning module and enter the course

4. If you need any assistance logging in or creating an account call 1800 PLAY TENNIS or email [email protected]

Click to head to Bounce 


Member Protection Policy
The purpose of the Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy is to protect the health, safety and well-being of everyone participating in Australian tennis programs, activities, events or services.
Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct
The Tennis Australia Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct has been developed so that all personnel understand the behavioural standards required of them when dealing with children participating in Australian tennis.
The following resource kits are intended to provide administrators and parents/guardians with the tools they need to ensure a child-safe environment.
More Information
First Steps to Safeguarding Children
To help you create a child-safe environment, we have compiled these five first steps to safeguarding children.