Victorian Player Training Pathway

Providing a fully integrated, high quality and sustainable player training pathway for Victoria and ensure every aspiring Victorian player has a clear and progressive development journey.

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Athlete Development Matrix

Please refer to the Athlete Development Matrix for the developmental framework and competencies relating to the pathway. The matrix provides a holistic approach for the development of our athletes and a guide for coaches, parents and key stakeholders.

Overview of Training Programs

Recommended age Program Program Overview More information
Age 8/u Club & Hot Shots Tennis Program The local, coach, club and Hot Shots Tennis program and pathway is the first step in the player’s development journey. A fun and engaging environment to develop sound fundamental and foundational skills ideally through the Hotshots program and pathway. This is Tennis Australia’s national participation program so creates a link and connection into the player development journey and pathway. Find your local Coach here
Age 8 – 10 Super 10s Super 10s is an exciting, team based program for boys and girls. The competition is aimed to provide quality opportunities and experiences for young emerging players. Played with green ball it allows the best 10/u players in the state to come together and receive quality match play with their peers. Players have the opportunity to compete in a team and receive advice and support from their team manager.

Entry Criteria:

Selections will be made by Super 10s Victorian selectors based on the following five areas;

  • Tennis Victoria Sanctioned 10U events (green ball)
  • Super 10s Season 1 performance/participation
  • Super 10s Selection Tournament – Registration Link 
  • Verified singles UTR (as of Monday January 29th, 2024)
  • Coachable qualities (developmental trajectory, sportsmanship, attitude, competitiveness)
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Age 11-14 Zone Squads Zone Squads are the next progression on the Player Development Pathway from Super 10s by providing opportunities for talented players to come together to train in a competitive environment. Players and their families have the chance to access many opportunities through Zone Squads including networking, education, training, match play, Strength & Conditioning, tournament support and assistance in navigating the tennis pathway from tournaments to college programs. They also provide an opportunity for players to be considered for selection in National Development Squads.

Entry Criteria:

Metro (11U & 13U) & Regional (12U) Zone Squads;

  • All players MUST complete the Victorian Metro & Regional Zone Squad Expression of Interest registration, and following this EOI closing, 4 Boys & 4 Girls will be selected based on their residence location in proximity to the relevant Zone Squad program.
  • Two entry points per year, being Semester 1 (December) and Semester 2 (June).
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Age 11 – 14 

(Regional only)

Regional Academies of Sport Tennis Victoria, in partnership with the Victorian Institute of Sport and Sport and Recreation Victoria, supports emerging elite athletes from country Victoria through the Regional Academy of Sport network.Tennis Victoria provides resources and works closely with the Regional Academy network across country Victoria to deliver tennis programs and a pathway that complement each athlete’s existing weekly programs with their private coach in their local environment. Click to find out more
Age 11 – 15 National Development Squad The National Development Squad is a performance training environment that is located at the National Tennis Centre. The program offers a comprehensive training structure for players who fulfill the entry selection guidelines based on player values, player performance and player potential. The National Development Squad continues to use a holistic approach to each player’s development by offering professional access to psychology, sports nutrition and sports medicine. The National Development Squad training and learning environment is underpinned with the core values of Competitive, Coachable and Committed.

Entry Criteria:

  • 11th-12th Birth Year: Top 8 in Victoria, with Top 6 via UTR and remaining 2 spots via WCs (wild card) at the discretion of the Head Coach.
  • 13th-14th Birth Year: Top 6 in Victoria, with Top 5 via UTR and remaining 1 spot via WCs (wild card) at the discretion of the Head Coach.
  • Two entry points per year, being Semester 1 (December) and Semester 2 (June).
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Age 11-18 National Support Program The National Support Program (NSP) is designed to provide an individualised training program in order to maximise the players potential in collaboration and aligned with the private coach. NSP provides further extensive holistic development support to the athlete’s and their local coach and daily training environment.The selected targeted athlete’s are tracking at a national and international level for their age. This program is designed to provide international exposure and to transition the athlete’s into the NTA (National Tennis Academy) in Brisbane.

Entry Criteria:

  • National Support Program is top 4 nationally or semi-finals of nationals and on UTR and this is measured at two points in time: February 1 and August 1 each year.
  • The other entry point is semi finals or better at National Championships. The athlete’s age is approximately 11-14 years old but there are also WCs (wild card) for players into this program that are tracking nationally and at the discretion of the Head Coach.
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Age 15 – 21  National Tennis Academy The National Tennis Academy is a full time training environment based in Brisbane that provides world class coaching, resources and facilities to assist athletes with the transition onto the ATP/WTA tour. Athletes also compete in a range of national and international tour events along with Davis and FED Cup to assist with the improvement of their ATP and WTA world ranking. Contact Bernhard Goerlitz find out more
US College The US college system is also another viable option for aspiring athletes wishing to further their career post juniors and onto the pro tour. US colleges provide a great opportunity to further your tennis development and at the same time study towards a degree. They provide a full training & competition program to enhance your development prior to and leading onto the professional tour. Click to find out more
Age 21+ ATP/WTA Tour – Davis & Billie Jean King Cup This is the final step in the player development journey. Players have fully transitioned onto the pro tour at this stage and have the opportunity to represent the country at Davis/FED and Billie Jean Cups.