Community Endorsed Events

Community Endorsed events are growing in numbers across Victoria. Community Endorsed events do not form a part of the Australian Junior Tour and as such, there are no points offered at these events for the end of year Masters. Examples of Community Endorsed events include Club Championships, Club/Association Tournaments, singles day junior events or mass participation events (E.g. Easter Tournaments or Long Weekend events).

Currently, there is no requirement to have officials at Community Endorsed events, however, they can be arranged by Tennis Australia if required. In 2024, there will again be no endorsement fee associated with community endorsed events.

Benefits of being a Community Endorsed Event

✔ Access to Tournament Planner software

✔ Having your tournament on the website

✔ Players can enter and pay online.

✔ Support and training from Tennis Victoria staff members.

Endorsed events contribute to a player’s UTR rating, regardless of the level of endorsement. We have received feedback throughout 2023 from player requesting their results are fed through to UTR, unfortunately there is no way of doing this unless the event in endorsed.

To assist with planning and consistency, applications for community endorsed events will be open for the first 2 week of each school term. Wherever possible, we encourage tournament providers to use this application window as a time to plan any upcoming events they may have.

2024 Community Endorsed Event Applications

Please see below applications dates for new community endorsed events to be added to the calendar.

We encourage you to plan as far in advance as possible and submit your application before April 26 if you have already set dates for tournaments during 2024.

Application windows

  •  January 29 – February 9
  • March – April 26
  • July 15 – 26
  • September 7 – 18

Applications received outside of this time will still be considered. However, there may be some delay in processing application and preparing Tournament Planner Files.

Submit Tournament Application

Please use the links below to submit your tournament application.

For more information, please contact [email protected].