Chief Executive Ruth Holdaway MBE

Tennis Delivery & Culture

Head of Tennis Delivery & Culture Adam Crameri
Regional Tennis Manager – Metro North West Stephanie Eshak
Regional Tennis Manager – Metro South East Michael Carnell
Regional Tennis Manager – Metro Inner Kelly Smith
Regional Tennis Manager – Country East Justin Raiti
Regional Tennis Manager – Country West Paul Senior
Club Development Officer – Country South East Stephan Mikhail 
Club Development Officer – Country North East Sam Condon
Club Development Officer – Country North West Peter Bertoncini
Club Development Officer – Country South West Pete McDonald
Club Development Officer – Country Central West Kate-Lyn Perkin
Club Development Officer – Metro South Nathan Phillips
Club Development Officer – Metro East Danielle Cornwall
Club Development Officer – Metro South East Dale Schmid
Club Development Officer – Metro North Jarryd Cutler 
Club Development Officer – Metro Inner Jessica Oliver
Club Development Officer – Metro West Shivam Nawani
Club Development Officer – Metro Inner East Justin Cox
Club Development Officer – Metro Inner South Jim Lekkas 
School Development Coordinator – Country South West Sarah Green  Jonathan Bence
School Development Coordinator – Country North West Susie Dundas
School Development Coordinator – Country East Alastair Doherty 
School Development Coordinator – Metro Inner East Michelle Barry
School Development Coordinator – Metro South East Helen Owies
School Development Coordinator – Metro North West Sean Walker 

Tennis Channels & Innovation

Head of Channels & Innovation Vacant
Player Pathways Lead Andrew Reynolds
Player & Events Support Administrator Jessica McCormack
Competitions Coordinator Tyler Krumholz
Tournaments & Events Administrator Lita Trimmings
Tournament & Events Coordinator Shelly Hart
Officials Development Coordinator (TA Staff) Sof Megas
Inclusion Lead – Inclusion Tamatha Harding
Project Leader – Inclusion Danielle Lowerson
Inclusion Coordinator Melissa Stojanovic
Places to Play Manager Fiona Young
Places to Play Coordinator Tim Shellcot
Book a Court Coordinator Jason Williams
Match Play Coordinator Jessica Sneath


Head of Operations Claudia Haeger
Administration & Communications Officer Ana Barisic
Reception/Office Admin Virginia Wilkins
Reception/Office Admin Katie Bass
Governance & Projects Lead Tim McGrath

Insights & Communications

Head of Insights & Communications Gabriella Tobias
Marketing and Communications Manager Tehani Suafoa
Communications and Digital Coordinator Sean Munaweera
Digital Marketing Coordinator Luca Gallo


Head of Coaching Rufus Keown
Senior Coaching Leader – Metro Inner & Country West Paul Aitken
Coaching Leader – Metro North West & Country West Jon Watson
Coaching Leader – Metro East & Country East Lois Plowman
Coach Development Coordinator (TA Staff) Emily Martin
Coach Development Administrator (TA Staff) Allan Boyle