21 January 2021 | Tennis Queensland

There are many different ways of improving a player’s Universal Tennis Rating (UTR). Now, playing in a recognised junior team competition is one of them.

The UTR has received a significant boost with Australian Ranking tournaments now accepting entries based on UTR. It is more important than ever for players to have a clear understanding of how they can improve their UTR. The easiest way is by playing in UTR events hosted on the UTR website as well as playing in sanctioned tournaments including the Australian Ranking Junior and Money Tournaments and most of the regional JDS circuits.

With a recent change made possible by Tennis Australia, players can also improve their ratings by playing in team competitions which are hosted on the Tennis Australia competition software Match Centre. Those competitions include the biggest fixture programs in the State – Tennis Brisbane’s Super League, Sunshine Coast Tennis League and Tennis Gold Coast fixtures as well as smaller competitions and even some club internal fixtures. If you are unsure where your competition results are published, please contact the competition administrator.

In order for matches to count towards UTR,a few requirements have to be met. Every player should make sure to tick all the boxes below to allow their ratings to be as accurate as possible. If you are unsure contact your competition administrator:

  • The player profile used on Match Centre must contain a date of birth
  • If the player is younger than 15 years the player must possess a tennis account. Find out here how to set up an account.
  • The same requirements have to be met for any doubles partner or opponent within the match.
  • The match must not be played wit modified balls (red/orange/green stage)

Once all the above requirements are fulfilled the match data is automatically transferred to the UTR. However, you should still make sure the data flows into the correct UTR account and isn’t multiple accounts for the same player. You can check this by typing your name in the search bar on the UTR website and cross-check with your results. If there is multiple accounts for you, you can easily request to merge the profiles.