Melbourne, Australia, 11 December 2023 | Leigh Rogers

The stars of Australian tennis walked the blue carpet at this evening’s 2023 Australian Tennis Awards at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

After they posed for photos and spoke to media, they checked in with Here are some highlights from those interviews:

John Newcombe, Aussie tennis legend

On who he is most looking forward to seeing this evening: “Everyone. I’ve got lots of people that I’ve known for many, many years in the room that I’ll catch up with tonight. I’m also looking forward to meeting new people from different parts of Australia that are going to win awards. Being able to congratulate all the winners on what they’ve done at the end of the night is always a huge thrill for me.”

Alicia Molik, outgoing Billie Jean King Cup captain 

On what she enjoys most about the Australian Tennis Awards: “I think reconnecting with everyone that I haven’t seen in a long time. You forget how many colleagues and friends you have from so many other departments and communities in tennis. It’s everyone you have huge respect for in one place, which is pretty awesome.”

Storm Hunter, Newcombe Medal nominee

On the most asked question as she walked the blue carpet: “The most asked question was how does it feel to be the world No.1 in doubles? I still say the same thing, ‘it’s crazy and doesn’t feel real to me’, but it’s super nice that everyone is so excited.”

Todd Woodbridge, Aussie tennis legend

On whether hosting the Australian Tennis Awards makes him nervous: “No, I actually feel more relaxed to be honest because these are my people. They’re the ones who know me and what we’re talking about. I feel comfortable in this space and try to bring a relaxed feel to the evening. I’m working with Casey Dellacqua tonight too, so I’ve always got somebody to bounce off which is fun.”

Rinky Hijikata, Newcombe Medal nominee

On attending the Australian Tennis Awards for the first time since 2019: “It’s really exciting, I haven’t been back for a few years. The last time I was here I was a junior, so it’s nice to be back and see everyone to celebrate Australian tennis and what everyone has accomplished throughout the year.”

Daria Saville, Aussie tennis star 

On what she enjoys most about the Australian Tennis Awards: “Probably dressing up and taking photos. I’ve done my TikTok for the night.”

Sam Stosur, recently retired Aussie legend

On attending the ceremony for the first time as a retired player: “It’s a little bit different. It’s always a pretty relaxed night for all of us anyway, but yeah, I guess I’m not talking about myself, my year and whatever else happened. But it’s nice to still be a part of it.”

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Heath Davidson, Australia’s top quad wheelchair player

On what he enjoys most about the Australian Tennis Awards: “Everyone gets dressed up and lets their hair down a little bit. Obviously we are professional athletes, so the majority of the year we’re on the court and in tennis clothes. It’s really cool to see everyone having a good time in nice clothes. It’s awesome.”

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