Melbourne VIC, Australia, 11 November 2013 | Tennis Australia

“Dingoes bolstered by trump off season signing”


The Dingley Dingoes journey as a club to the ATL big league has been a methodical and calculated  process over the past 18 months, and the question is can the Dingoes announce themselves as a powerful contender in the 2013 ATL Vic conference.


The Dingoes were ultra competitive in last years ATL Vic Conference and unlucky not to have earnt a berth in the final.


Since their 2012 ATL campaign the Dingoes have left no stone unturned in their quest for greatness.  They have added the prestigious 2013 Grade 1 Tennis Victoria Pennant to their trophy cabinet as they build towards their attack on the 2013 ATL Vic Conference.


The most significant move by the Dingoes in the off season has been the trump signing of 2012 ATL Vic Conference and 2013 Tennis Victoria Premier League player of the competition James Lemke. James is known as “Mr Reliable” in the tennis community for his never say die attitude and ability to fight against the odds just when it seems a win is not possible.


The inclusion of the ultra consistent Lemke cannot be underestimated and his signing may be the wildcard ace the Dingoes need to take the next step as legitimate contenders.


“Team unity” is the buzz word at the Dingoes and Lemke fits this mould. Lemke combined with the talents of captain Daniel Wendler, Matt Carroll and Anthony Zafiris just to name a couple sees them as legitimate contenders in 2013.


The Dingoes are sure to have some bite in 2013!